Best Burst Fade Mullet Styles For Men In 2023

Best Burst Fade Mullet Styles For Men In 2023

Burst fade mullet is a bold as well as versatile choice for men who want to draw attention to their cool aesthetic. As a popular style, Burst Fade creates a smart and fresh hair cut that tapers the hair around the ears to achieve a stylish finish on the sides and back. This shortcut has edges while emphasizing volume and texture, which can enhance the long hair style at the top.

If you want a modern men’s hairstyle, you can combine burst fades with a mohawk, Mullet, comb-over, faux hawk, messy texture tops and more to make a strong claim. Whether you opt for a burst fade – low, mid or high – this cool haircut adds a new dimension to your style and delivers a trendy look.

Check out some stylish examples of burst fade hair cuts, from curly short hair to straight long hair.

What is a Burst Fade?

Burst fade is a modern hairstyle for men, making a semi-circle around the ear, curved and down to make it look cool and bold. The most popular burst fade style is a low to middle high cut, with a bald finish that melts into the skin and highlights the long top hair with a strong contrast of the side and back. This cool fade cut can enhance men’s hairstyles such as Mohawk, comb-over, Mullet, faux hawk, a pompadour, quiff and French crop.

Best Burst Fade Mullet

1. Burst Fade Mohawk

Mohawk may be too extreme for the common man, but plenty of professional options create a similar atmosphere, so try it out. For example, a modern burst fades Mohawk. In this fade, the ears are cut in a high arc to keep the skin tight without cutting corners, and the face of the hawk is expressed by leaving more hair behind.

Burst fades are very popular among fashion lovers these days. Its versatility as well as ability to adapt to any secondary hairstyle mean its application is seen to increase day by day, as well as its positive appeal. It goes well with many top hairstyles. However, nothing looks as fashionable and elegant as Texture Burst Mohawk.

2. Burst Fade Taper

Burst Fade taper is another cool variation of the style to add to your list. The side and back are clean, the top is longer, and the hair style is more prominent. Be careful not to expose the skin with a burst fade. The biggest aim of this style is to appeal to your superior sense and classy charm.

3. Burst Fade V-Cut

It is a cool burst taper haircut with a classic fade with the top high and a Burst Fade V-cut behind the neck. The big difference from the classic version is that the side hair is cut short without shaving to the ground.

4. Burst Fade Buzz Cut

Burst Fade Buzz Cut is a popular fade haircut for men. A burst fade is a hairstyle that shortens the hair from the ear to the neck and fades in all directions.

5. High Burst Fade Mullet

With long, angular bangs and cool mid-burst fades, it’s a popular treat that brings a new drama to the basic style. The matte pomades with low hold power create a texture and flow, perfect for a night out. This short and trendy men’s hairstyle can be a charming look that will make girls crazy.

6. Classic Burst Fades Mohawk

The classic Burst Fade Mohawk is a cool and modern hairstyle for black men who like to embrace a unique texture with an impressive look. The wide mohican of this kinky hair is a beautiful match between the high-heeled burst on the side and the edge up along the hairline and temples. It has a refreshing finish and is popular in the barber’s room.

7. Designed Burst Fade Mullet

We recommend a burst fade with a design for those who wish to show off their individuality and create a unique style. The hair style is also tapered, but it will be a higher style depending on the hair design. Also, it is important to devise coloring.

8. Burst Fade Mullet Curly Hair

Curly burst fade mullet is perfect for those struggling to embrace the texture. The balance between the longer top and the shorter side creates an unmissable contrast. The pattern is clear if you straighten it properly with a hair styling agent.

9. Low Burst Fade Mullet

Burst Fade Mallet is a style that expresses the characteristic parts common to both styles with an exquisite balance. Hair is long on the top side, the elegant mallet hair is reproduced, and the fade expresses a modest and neat charm.

10. Burst Fade Mullet Straight Hair

Straight hair burst fades prove this cut fits all textures and hair types well. If you want your straight hair to stand out, you’ll have to consider cutting the side short and putting a layer on the top to emphasize and clarify it. This style requires styling and may change your morning routine a bit.

11. Funky Mullet Fade

This incredibly attractive Mullet hair style and burst fade will make your look funky. Another simple hairstyle that only needs styling can keep your good look even when worn in a relaxed way every day.

All you need to create a messy atmosphere is a wave of hair. Draw a side burst fade, and then work on the thick hair. The point is to make the top hair flat and create a different atmosphere. But as you go further back, your hair should be more curly and Messy.

12. Long Side Swept Hair with Burst Fade

The long side sweep hair style is cool for men who want a decidedly different and equally stylish approach. The side burst fades accentuate the top wave style and give it a sharp finish.

13. Burst Fade Mullet Short Hair

Short hair isn’t the only area that benefits from burst fading. White men can do it. Just make sure you have a good barber and sit on the right position.

14. Coiffed burst fade

The burst fade haircut that men should try is Coiffed 1. It represents a simple yet elegant fade hair style. The characteristic of this hairstyle is the arch from the front to the back. This hairstyle goes well with any hair, so it is universal. But if you want to lock it strongly, check at least medium-length hair.

15. The Ideal Hawk

Burst Fade Taper and Mohican seem to go together quite literally. The fade makes the sides clearer, and the top is relatively long, which increases the range of styling. If you prefer a rough and bold style, we highly recommend that you make the top a spiked up.

How Do I Get a Burst Fade Mullet?

Now that you have gathered your styling ideas and chosen one style you’d probably like to try, let us tell you how you can get it on your own or just generally do it.

Note: For long hair, you can make a mullet. It is optional for shorter styles.

Step 1: Section

First, you need to make a section on both sides of the hairline. The parting line is trimmed with a comb and secured so the clip does not obstruct it.

Step 2: Trim

Once you have made the cut, cut the taper together to the hairline. Use a comb guard to maintain a seamless hair length. If you cut it to the ground, the burst fade will be difficult, so please do not cut it to the ground at first.

Step 3: Burst Fade

In this step, you’ll start the process of burst fades by mowing up to the ground around the ears. Gradually move the comb away from the ear, shortening or lengthening the setting.

The goal is to skin-fade the tapered parts and keep the hair a little longer until the hairline.

Step 4: Edges

Remove the comb guard and pull the edge lines on both sides of the hump, taper, and neck. The burst fade becomes more emphasized and intense by creating a sharp edge.

Step 5: Brush it

Finally, use a comb or brush to turn your hair upside down. Straighten the flow from the top hair to the neck. Keep your hair straight back so it doesn’t fall to the left or right. Apply a hair cream or gel to fix the hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Burst Fade Popular?

It is one of the most famous option for men looking for a cool, edgy, modern, and imposing style. This fade is thinner around the ear and around the neck, often with a rounded appearance. It’s easy to wear and goes well with a variety of cuts, which is why it’s so relevant.

Is the Burst Fade Mullet?

The burst fade is not a mullet but can certainly be combined with a mullet. Mullet is known for its short top and long back, but you can choose the latest version in combination with burst fades. Ask the barber to make the side shorter and curve it.

Is the Burst Fade Mohawk?

It is a kind of fade that curves around the ear as well as the back of the head. It can handle various hair lengths and textures and is suitable for various cuts, including Mohican. The charm of the combination of burst fade and Mohawk is that it can focus on top hair and create a more balanced proportions beauty.

What Kind of Face does Mullet Look Nice?

A typical mullet looks great on any face, but a diamond-shaped face will give you the best results if you’re looking for a classic mullet.


Based on the fashionable burst fade mullet style of all flashy appearances, you can rest assured that this trend is far from the grid. Getting any style from our list will guarantee a radically luxurious upgrade of your looks and automatically boost your confidence level.

Well this article will help you understand your inner aesthetic and redefine yourself in a new, most fashionable way!

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