How To Locate the Best Clases De Inglés Gratis Cerca De Mi 2023? Free English Classes Across The USA

How To Locate the Best Clases De Inglés Gratis Cerca De Mi 2023? Free English Classes Across The USA

For many people who are in the United States and still do not speak English, the information on where to find the best clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi in the USA is of great help. Well, learning English is one of the fundamental things to be able to function well and adapt to life in this country.

Currently, there are various ways to learn English for free, but one of the most important is the one offered by the government through its programs.

How to search for clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi?

clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi
clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi

There are a large number of schools and institutions that are responsible for teaching the language in a simple and practical way so that you can adapt to the use of English on a daily basis. Now, to search for the best schools, we are going to use some locator and tools.

Clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi via Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to carry out universal searches of different places, including institutions that are close to you. In order for you to be successful and receive concrete results, you can place in the navigation filter, “clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi” or “ free English schools near my location.”


The Yelp website is very useful for different searches and although it is normally used to locate shops or restaurants. You can also use it to locate clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi ubicación.

National literacy directory

National Literacy Directory is a locator for schools, community colleges or non-profit institutions where English classes are taught. The search is done in a very simple way and with specific results near your location.

Best free English classes near me with intensive courses

If you don’t speak English, this limits you from being competitive for many companies when looking for a job. That is why we recommend that you seek to learn this discipline in the shortest possible time. For this reason, we consider it beneficial to offer you some free English schools with intensive courses. It will be very useful to you!

USA Learns

Use Learns is a platform belonging to the United States Department of Education, which offers you intensive preparation through an application that you must install on your cell phone, tablet or PC. Methodologically, they use resources such as audio, video and texts. In addition, it offers modules for beginners, intermediate and advanced. In this, you can register to access the materials. is also another US government portal, which offers you study material and courses through its “English Language Learning” section. Frequently on their website they publish texts and audios with their respective transcriptions for the use of intermediate and advanced level students.

Community Colleges

The “junior college”, “community colleges” or ” Community Colleges public” are university institutions that offer the alternative of doing free English studies in a period of approximately two years and at the end you get to earn the degree or diploma.

Harvard University

Harvard University is a renowned private educational institution and also one of the best university in the world. It is offering free courses with intensive programs so that you can learn English in the shortest possible time through the Internet. If you want to know more about these, you can visit the page of Harvard University.

Free English classes near me for children

clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi
clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi

Mejores clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi para niños

Teaching the smallest of the house a second language from a very early age is the best tool that parents can offer you. For that reason, I will show you the free English classes near your location.

Cambridge School

Cambridge School for clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi is a prestigious institution in the United States. It provides educational plans for children and adolescents. If you are looking for an English school for children from 1 to 5 years old, you will like this place because of the study methodology based on games, dialogues, songs and different dynamics.

The teachers of this institution are qualified to work with the smallest of the house, and teach them the language in the best pedagogical way possible, in order to provide them with a pleasant learning experience.

ELS Language

Another very assertive option for your little one’s learning is ELS Language. In this clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi, the educational plan combines recreational activities with the ideal learning methodology, to complete their development with the language. In addition, the tutors are in charge of teaching them cultural aspects of the country.

They seek to enrich the child’s mind by feeding them information and possible scenarios where they can apply what they have learned.

Rennert – classes de inglés para adultos

In this part of the list of clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi with Rennert, which is a recommended institution to teach children and adolescents of all ages to learn a new language.

The educational plans of this campus are coupled to the knowledge levels of each student. In this way, it provides you with a complete and personalized learning.

World English Institute

World English Institute for clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi is a prestigious institution that offers through its portal a complete English course for children. It provides with illustrated material to reinforce the learning process and more than 30 lessons that guarantee proper learning. In the same way, at the end, they guarantee the delivery of a certificate of attendance to the course.

Aula Fácil

It is a great option for children to learn English through its portal, Aula Fácil offers good support material, practical, good and free. With this, children are facilitated in learning and communication, in the same way the pronunciation of words. They guarantee a good team of instructors in their classes.

ABA English

ABA English is a digital academy that offers English courses for 12-year-old children with a totally different methodology. In this class, they are first taught to listen and imitate, then grammar, and to finish the practices with video classes and short films, which which makes it a fairly dynamic courses.

Clases de inglés gratis para adultos cerca de mi ubicación 2023

clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi

Do you want to locate a good classes de inglés para adultos? The United States is the best place to study the language and adopt native idioms. So, next, we will introduce you to the best institutions so that you can prepare yourself as a professional from zero to expert.

FIU English Language Institute – clases de inglés gratis para adultos cerca de mi

The FIU English Language Institute English school offers you different educational programs so that you can master the language as a second language. If you have previous knowledge, but want to perfect it, you will also find personalized plans for each student.

On the other hand, this institution provides you with the pertinent comforts so that you can learn effectively. The schedules are convenient then you can watch the classes online, with all the downloadable material you need.

The Language School

The Language School has a very timely study methodology for people who are getting familiar with the language. First, they carry out a preliminary evaluation to determine the program that you really need.

For greater confidence, the institution works with small groups of eight (8) people to provide you with better care. In addition, they provide you with the material you need to progress satisfactorily.

New America College

To finish off the English schools near me for adults, we have New America College . In this institution you will learn the language in the company of the best instructors at comfortable hours and affordable tuition so that you can guarantee your preparation.

Clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi online

clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi

In the United States, learning English in an institution can represent an investment of thousands of dollars. For this reason, many organizations offer you a free option to learn the language. Do you want to meet them? Keep reading!

USA Learns

USA Learns is a free program organized by the United States government where users can learn English from beginner to advanced level through the use of educational videos that teach American idioms.


Another alternative if you want to learn English and do not have the necessary financial resources is Shareamerica. On this website you will find educational material so that you become familiar with the language.

University of the People

University of the People is a totally free and online institution where you can learn English in a simple way with the accompaniment and material you need. Improve your language skills with an educational program tailored to your needs.

Mejores classes de inglés gratis cerca de mí con cursos online

clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi

If you are looking for a more practical option to learn English, you can view your classes completely online at the following schools.

Shepherd School of Language in Las Vegas

Shepherd School of Language in Las Vegas is an institution that provides you with the relevant tools to improve your language skills. In addition, clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi being an online school provides you with flexible schedules, downloadable material and much more.

Jacques International Language Academy

For more learning options you can visit the Jacques International Language Academy website, which adapts to your level of knowledge and educational style so you can learn at any time of the day.

Mentor Language Institute

In the list of clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi, there is Mentor Language Institute. In this place you will find excellent teachers dedicated to teaching the language in a didactic and fun way.

The LINCS Learning Center

The LINCS Learning Center is another US government platform that offers a methodology based on reading support material. It shares it with students ranging from beginner to advanced level. The lessons are presented on video, which allows learning to write, read and understand vocabulary.


To finish the list, it is good to comment on Duolingo . One of the best applications that are used for language learning. Designed with the purpose of certifying the learning of the level of English. The best thing is that it is free and you can download it from the Android, IPhone or Windows store, it is dynamic, fun and effective for learning.

How much does an English class cost in the United States?

The cost of English classes in the United States varies depending on the state in which you live. For example, in New Jersey, the average cost of an English class is $50 per hour. However, prices can range from $25 to $60 per hour, depending on the experience and qualifications of the tutor. A reputable language school will also charge extra for administrative costs and materials. The best way to find out how much it would cost to take an English class is to contact a local language school or university.


These are what we consider to be the best clases de inglés gratis cerca de mi, both free and paid. Luckily, there is a wide range and variety of web pages and applications for learning over the Internet. We have included what we consider to be the best apps and websites. For more information, you should visit our site

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