Best Clinicas Cerca De Mi And Free Services In The USA

Best Clinicas Cerca De Mi And Free Services In The USA

Do you need to find a clinicas cerca de mi in the USA? And it is that without a doubt, one of the most common concerns is where to attend when we get sick. However, there are free care centers where you can go to receive professional medical help when you need it.

What are the clinicas cerca de mi?

They are medical institutions that support US citizens from anywhere in the national territory. Where they provide care at a low cost and in many opportunities, depending on the need of the study, they are usually free.

These clinics handle prices that are easily accessible to people; which are based on a sliding scale. At the same time, they serve those citizens who do not have health insurance or cannot pay their medical expenses.

How to find clinicas cerca de mi in the USA?

1. Through the website ” ”

This web address belongs to a health center locator. To locate the clinics that are close to your home, you just have to enter that portal and write your exact address. By following these steps, all possible options regarding health centers, free or low-cost, will automatically appear on your screen.

2. Through the ”’ ‘ web portal. is a website where you can see the addresses of approximately 10,000 clinics in the United States . When entering, you can see the details of each of the options, to verify which are the health centers that are closest to where you live.

3. At

Through this web address, you can also easily locate a large number of health centers, to know which ones you can easily go to, in case you need medical assistance. Most of the clinics that you can find on this portal provide a free service .

4. Using Google Maps

Another method that you can implement to find out which clinics are near you is to open the ”Google Maps” application and browse the maps of the place where you are . By using this resource, you will be able to see the names of both the clinicas cerca de mi and the rest of the establishments that are near you.

5. Yelp

With the Yelp application, you will be able to identify a large number of establishments, businesses, clinics, hospitals that are in the surroundings of your location.

It is an extremely useful tool for thousands of users, because through maps it will indicate basic information such as address, telephone number, characteristics and user opinions, as well as photographs of the place you are specifying.

6. Yellow pages

Yellow pages is another search engine through which you can locate any healthcare center where they can help you if you need professional medical help. It is very easy to use, discover everything you need about clinics, businesses, services, restaurants and much more.

7. MapQuest

With MapQuest you will get where you need to be, it is a GPS navigation application that tells you step by step the easiest alternative to get to the place you are looking for. A very important detail is that it uses the voice system for drivers, among its advantages it includes traffic updates in real time.

What types of services can be obtained at free clinicas cerca de mi?

Clinicas Cerca De Mi
Clinicas Cerca De Mi

Although there are some differences between free and private health services, there are many services that can be enjoyed in both. At present, there are free clinics that have specialists regarding visual health. Also, there are many of these centers that focus on dental care.

In many cases, free health centers also provide medicines at no cost, with the aim of helping people who do not have the necessary resources to comply with their treatments.

What do I do or do not find a clinic or hospital?

In the event that this situation arises, you can choose one of the following alternatives:

Ask your doctor about different types of payment methods

If you have known him for a while and have some confidence, an alternative so that you do not pay so much to take care of your health is to trust him with your economic situation and ask him to provide you with other forms of payment that are favorable to you.

For example, you could make the payment in cash and see if you can receive a discount for it . Otherwise, some specialists could help you find a program that facilitates your access to medical care.

Go to an emergency center

In certain cases, we believe that the best option is to attend emergencies when we are forced to rush to a clinic. However, this can be very expensive for you. So the best thing to do is to go to an emergency center close to your home .

There you will receive a good treatment at a very low price. Even in these places you can receive care for light things like the flu or allergies. What’s more, it does not require you to make a prior appointment. In addition, you will not have to wait long to be attended either. Keep in mind that the costs can range from $50 to $150 dollars .

Go to university clinics

An economical option, especially if you attend university, is to choose to receive care at these points. Being a student you will get permission to access all kinds of treatments and exams for free or at reasonable prices.

What is Medicare?

It is a basic health assistance program for people over 65 years of age and those with some type of disability. It is divided into four parts:

  • Hospital insurance: its function is to pay for the costs of hospitalization in a clinic, as well as health care services for people residing in a hospice or home.
  • Medical insurance: it focuses on the payment of expenses for the attention of doctors, outpatient services and others that are not covered by the first.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans: allows those who receive Medicare (part A and B) to have the possibility of choosing health care through an organization or provider affiliated with the program.
  • Medicare prescription drug coverage: it is simply the option that allows its users to pay for their respective medicines.

If you want more information about this health program, you can check our site

Community clinic near me for children with special needs

If you have a little one at home with special needs, it is relevant that you know which community clinic near me can offer you the assistance you need whatever your condition. You do not need health insurance or worry about an expense that you cannot cover. Below we indicate what they are.

Texas Children’s Pediatrics

Texas Children’s Pediatrics is located in Austin, Texas and serves children from birth to 18 years of age. It offers the best pediatricians who are dedicated to meeting the needs of these children.

It has a special program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), highly competent staff, as well as special programs such as the Community Cares Program, a reliable and high-quality pediatric medicine service.

Children’s medical center of Dallas

Children’s Medical Center is located in Dallas, one of the best nationwide, serving children with complex health needs.

It includes routine examinations to specialized treatments in areas such as heart disease, hematology-oncology, organ transplantation and cystic fibrosis.

Children’s Clinic

The Clínica de los Niños or Children’s Hospital , located in the city of Los Angeles, offers high-quality, non-profit medical care. It cares for children with special needs, intensive care, and other care in its ten pediatric specialties. It is the most recognized in this county.

Community clinicas cerca de mi for seniors

Older adults require special attention, if you are looking for a community clinicas cerca de mi that provides care to grandparents, here we will tell you what they are and the services they provide. Take note of all the information that we will provide below.

Rubymed Hispanic clinic

Clínica Hispana Rubymed is located in Houston, it is a family medical clinic dedicated to the care of people with limited economic resources. It provides medical care to the elderly in various areas, offers ultrasound services, minor surgeries, laboratory tests without the need to make an appointment.

Family health center

The Family Health Center is located in San Francisco, California and provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary health care services for the entire family, including seniors and the elderly.

Serving Spanish-speaking patients, it is the largest clinic, the Community Health Network in the city. Among their services they offer you nutritionists, behavioral health, chronic pain, geriatric clinic, among others. It has a team of highly trained specialists.

Parkland Health

Parkland Health is located in Dallas, offers specialized geriatric service to patients over 65 years of age with special needs and conditions of the elderly. Their services include routine health exams, disease care, and chronic disease management.

Community clinic near me with emergency service

Clinicas Cerca De Mi
Clinicas Cerca De Mi

Emergencies do not have hours, which is why it is essential to have on hand the information of a community clinicas cerca de mi that provides you with medical assistance when these fortuitous events occur.

Here are some of the most prominent.

Doris Ison Health Center

Located in the city of Miami, it is the largest health center of Community Health of South Florida, Inc (CHI), with more than 45 years serving the community. It offers you emergency service, for general illnesses, treatment of injuries and other emergencies that require immediate attention. Their motto is “ Patient care comes first.

Fast aid urgent care

In San Antonio, Texas, you have Fast Aid Urgent Care , an urgent care clinic for children, adults, and seniors. They offer services seven days a week with extended hours to meet the needs of patients. Don’t worry if you don’t have health insurance, they have special plans for everyone. They have X-ray services in order to avoid the transfer of patients to other centers.

Honor Health / FastMed Urgent Care

In Phoenix, these two associations have come together to provide high-quality emergency services, combining primary and urgent care services. Fast Med is the only certified urgent care service in this city for providing its patients with high quality care.

Type of care from free or low-cost clinics

The type of medical care and services provided by these low-income clinics will vary depending on the state, county, and the exact policies of the center. For example, some of the facilities may offer dental care, free prescription drugs, general checkups, immunizations, referrals to specialists, free eye exams, immunizations, diabetic assistance, and more.

How to choose the best clinic near me open 24 jours United States

This depends entirely on you, because if you want to visit the site near you, you can visit the closest one, but if you want to go to the best place, we advise you to choose the place that has the best score, this tells you which is the ideal place, since this score has been granted by those who visit your place, now you know which clinicas cerca de mi to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are free clinics really free?

Are community clinics really free? The answer to this question depends on the specific free clinic. Community clinics are designed to serve low-income and uninsured patients, including those who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.

Others target the underinsured, with high deductibles and limited health coverage. However, some community clinics charge a small fee to cover the costs. And some use the term “underinsured” to describe working-class patients who would not otherwise have access to health care.

What if I have an emergency and am Uninsured?

Having a medical emergency while uninsured is always a scary prospect. Luckily, there are options available! If you don’t have insurance, consider the following alternatives:

  • Community clinics
  • Emergency care
  • Immigrant health centers

How many free clinics are in the United States?

As of 2022, there are about 1,200 free clinics in the United States that treat various health-related problems. Likewise, there are about 1,300 community health service centers, which might not be entirely free, but often use a sliding scale based on what you can afford.


Where are clinicas cerca de mi? Now that we have answered that question and you know what free, family or community clinics are, you know the scope of their services and the various tools to find them, as well as the different types of insurance coverage that you can obtain in the United States. We hope this information helps you solve the problem you are having.

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