Best Cortes De Cabello Para Hombres In 2023

Best Cortes De Cabello Para Hombres In 2023

If we talk about the best cortes de cabello para hombres 2023, the trends in the hairdressing salon will continue to make a difference. There are many men’s haircuts that are stylish and cool. But only a few are destined to succeed. Do you want to know what they are?

Best Men’s Haircuts 2023

Short hair or long hair? Classic or modern cut? Many doubts assail men when they decide to renew their look. It is true that some are clear about it, but others prefer to consult with their trusted professional and be advised.

What is undeniable is that the variety of haircuts for boys is immense. And luckily, every time, they dare with new trends and styles with the aim of looking for that extra bit of personality and making a difference.

“This 2023, in terms of cortes de cabello para hombres, surprises us with the fusion of different cuts, awakening the most creative part of the barbershop, a more daring man with a hunger for fashion,” says Joseda Briones, technical director of The Advanced Barber and owner of the Briones Peluqueros salon.

Trendy Men’s Hair Styles

According to the specialist, the trend will be to find “new wavy textures in cortes de cabello para hombres, with longer and more sculpted hair”, aiming to look for “scruffy aspects. ”

They will continue to highlight the fade cuts (faded or degraded) as one of the options that they will like the most by a wide age range. They will also combine “long hair with short bangs and, in turn, diametrically opposed cuts: long bangs with short fades”.

And if we talk about color? “Short cuts and fantasy colors will continue to play a leading role in 2023, with blues standing out,” Briones specifies.

Cortes De Cabello Para Hombres

Now yes, here are cortes de cabello para hombres that will be a trend in 2023.

1. Fade Cut + Long Textured Bangs With a Peak Finish.

This cut combines a fade on the sides and back of the head with long, textured bangs that taper in the front. It is a modern and fresh style that will give you a casual and youthful look.

2. Buzz Cuts for Men 

Very short and practical haircut, ideal for men looking for an easy-to-maintain look that doesn’t require much time to style. It is also a good option for athletes and people with little time to care for their hair.

3. High Fade + Crop Razor Cut Fade

Combine bleaching with a bold and modern men’s haircut. And why not! As you can see, the Razor High Fade and Crop is a modern style that combines a high fade with a short, textured cut on top to create a messy, tousled texture. This style is popular with young men and can be adapted to different hair lengths and types.

4. Custom Mohican

In the beginning, we mentioned that the trend would be creativity this year in all its senses. And as an example, this custom Mohawk is great for those looking to highlight their style and have a striking and different look.

5. Curly men’s cut + High Fade

Do you have curly hair? Well, this is one of the many options to wear one of the best men’s hairstyles in 2023. It consists of a high fade on the sides as well as the back of the head, while the curly hair remains natural and voluminous.

6. Men’s Mullet Cut

It was, without a doubt, the big trend in 2022 among the younger public. And it will continue to be a success in 2023. The mullet, which we have already talked about at length here, has returned to our lives to stay for a long time. A strong, irreverent, cheeky hairstyle and, above all, for men with a lot of personalities.

7. Mohawk Curls Style

Another of the trends in hairstyles for men 2023 is this Mohican with curls. A creative, different, and bold option for men who want an original look. Combine a mohawk with loose, defined curls on top of the head, creating a striking and unique look.

The Best Long Haircuts

After seeing all the trends of long haircuts that come to us from celebrities, we can see others that are more general, and although we know that long hair is back with force, there is nothing like letting your hair grow if that is what it is. that you like because it will take a lot.

As we said before, apparently disheveled hair is also imposed, but it is the opposite, they are well-structured cuts with movement and volume. After the Viking-type long hair, which became fashionable a few years ago, the wild and masculine long hair is coming with more force.

It is optional to have voluminous wavy hair if your hair is straight or slightly dull. A nice haircut that maintains the essence of hair cut in long layers, with the ends paraded and combed with the hands. A cut that will undoubtedly succeed this 2023.

How to Choose The Best Hair Style

Cortes De Cabello Para Hombres
Cortes De Cabello Para Hombres

In this post, we have given you some keys to choosing the best cortes de cabello para hombres for this year. Knowing your face shape, hair texture, and personal style is key.

Afterward, we recommend speaking with a professional stylist who can advise on the best haircut and style.

As you have already seen, some of the most popular trends in cortes de cabello para hombres include the fade cut, the slicked-back style (combed back), and the classic side part style (side parting). It is also important to consider the maintenance and frequency of cutting necessary to keep the hairstyle in good condition.

Hair care

Once we have chosen our men’s haircut, the most important thing remains maintenance! And it is that hair care is essential to maintain a fresh and healthy image.

Also, keep in mind that each type of hair requires specific care. For example, men with curly or thick hair may need special moisturizing and conditioning products. For their part, those with fine hair may need volumizing shampoos and products to prevent hair loss.

In addition to using the right products, it’s important to follow a regular grooming routine, including washing, conditioning, and styling. Protecting the hair from excessive heat and harsh chemicals is also important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cut is in fashion 2023 man?


The mullet will continue to win in 2023. It was, without a doubt, the big trend in 2022 among the younger audience. And it will remain a success in 2023. The mullet, which we have already discussed at length here, has come back to our lives to stay a long time.

What’s the Mohican haircut like?

The man’s crest SMP hairtattoo, also called the Mohican cut, is the style that leaves the shaved sides and a central strip of hair, more or less long, that goes from the growth line to the neck. Sometimes, even hairstyle in the shape of a crest.

What are the types of haircuts for men?

  • BUZZ.
  • FADE.


As you can see, many alternatives and options exist in cortes de cabello para hombres. Great variety of styles and trends in men’s haircuts so that we can choose from short and classic cuts to the most modern and daring styles.

Choosing the right haircut can be a way to express your personality and highlight the unique characteristics of each one.

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