How To Set Up A Chess Board

How To Set Up A Chess Board

How to set up a chess board? Chess is one of the most traditional board games around the world. Two people play it. In the 15th century, the game we know today first appeared in southern Europe. But it comes from an Indian game that is similar but much older.

This article will tell you how to set up a chess board, how to play chess, and which chess boards will help you get better. At the end of this article, you’ll be ready to play chess against your friends and family and win!

So, we’ve compiled this complete guide about how to set up a chess board to help new and experienced gamers.

What is chess?

One of the ancient and most well-known board games is chess. Two people play against each other on a checkered board with particularly made pieces, usually white and black. The game’s goal is to collect the other player’s king.

How to play chess?

To play the game of chess, you only need a few things. You’ll have to,

  •  A board for chess
  • Pieces for chess
  •  A chess clock, if the players want to play a game with a time limit.
  • A piece of paper for each player to write down their score.

Only a chessboard, as well as pieces, are necessary from the list above.


A chessboard is a square with rows of usually black and white squares that change color. There are 64 black as well as white squares on a chessboard.

Pieces for chess

The pawn, the bishop, the rook, the knight, the king, and the queen are the six types of chess pieces. Players can tell which troops are theirs by the color of their pieces, which can be light or dark. Most of the time, the lighter side is white, and the darker side is black. This name came about because people used to play with pieces made of ivory and ebony. A lot like the old pieces made of black ebony and white ivory.

Each piece in chess has its value. Pawns are worth one case, bishops and knights are three points each, rooks that you capture are worth five points, and the queen is worth nine points.

Chess board basics

Before we talk about how to set up a chess board, let’s talk about the board itself. Chess is play on a square board with 64 squares of different colors set up in an 8×8 grid. Most of the time, the squares are black and white, but other colors can use. The squares with light colors are called “white,” and the squares with dark colors are called “black.”

The board is separate into ranks, which go from one side to the next, and documents, which go from the top to the bottom. The ranks go from 1 to 8, and the file names go from A to H.

These are what they are:

  • 8 pawns, which are positioned in front of the other parts on the second rank.
  • 2 rooks, which are put on the spots of the first rank.
  • 2 knights, which go on the first rank beside the rooks.
  • 2 bishops place on the first rank next to the knights.
  • 1 queen, which goes on the square with the same color as her (the white queen starts on the white square, and the black queen starts on the black square)
  • 1 king, which goes next to the queen on the last corner.

How to set up a chess board

How To Set Up A Chess Board
How To Set Up A Chess Board

Now we discuss the basics of the chess game let’s look at how it’s put together. Follow these steps to make sure your chessboard is set up right:

Step 1: Put the chess board in place

The first step is to set up the chess board so the white square is on the bottom right side. Make sure the board is in the middle of a smooth surface and that the players have plenty of space for moving their pieces around the board.

Step 2: Set the puzzle pieces

Putting the pieces in the right places on the board starts with the white pieces. The rooks go in the angles, then the knights, the bishops, the queen on her shades, and the king on the last square. The pawns are put in front of the other parts on the second row. Do the same thing with the black pieces, putting them in the same places as the white pieces.

Step 3: Check where it is pieces for a chess board

After putting all the chess pieces, step back and ensure they are in the right places. Check that the kings and queens are on the right squares and that all the other pieces are where they should be.

Step 4: Start the game

Once you’ve checked that the items are in the right place, the game can begin! The game starts when the player with the white pieces makes their first move.

If you follow these steps, you’ll have understand how to set up a chess board correctly and be ready to play in time. If you’re a newbie or a experience player, arranging the board correctly will help you concentrate on winning the game and enjoy all the problems and advantages that come with it.

Chess Board rules

Here are some more regulations to keep in mind when playing:

1. How the pieces move:

Each piece type moves in a certain way. On their first move, pawns move one or two squares forward. After that, they only move one square. Rooks can move any number of sideways or up-and-down squares. Knights transfer in an L-shaped sequence, two squares in one way and one square in the opposite direction. Bishops can move any number of squares on the diagonal. The queen can move across, down, or diagonally any number of squares. The king can move in any direction by one square.

2. Capturing:

A piece take off the board when it lands on a square where an opponent’s piece is.

3. En Passant:

It is a special move that pawns can use to capture an opponent’s pawn that has just moved two squares from its starting position. This can only be completed on the move right after the dissenting pawn has moved two squares, but only if the collecting pawn could have managed to capture the opposing pawn had it moved only one square.

4. Castling:

It is a special move that lets the king move two squares forward into a rook on the person’s first rank, whereas the rook shifts to the square the king crossed. Castling is only permitted in certain circumstances:

  • Neither the king nor the rook can have moved before.
  • There can’t be any pieces between the king as well as the rook.
  • The king can’t be in check or move through a town center attacked by an opponent’s piece OKBet.

5. Draw:

A chess game can end quickly if neither player can defeat the other or when both gamers agree to a draw. Draws can also happen when there is a stalemate when the same move is played three times or when the 50-move rule use.

To play chess well, you need to know these basic rules.


Aside from writing down your moves and making notes about your games, it’s important to know the basics of chess strategy. Here are some important things to remember:

  • Control center: The most important part of the chess board is in the middle. When you control the center, you can control more squares and use your pieces in more ways. As a basic rule, you should use your pawns to regulate the center and move your pieces toward the center.
  • Develop your pieces: To develop your parts, you need to get them out of their starting spots and into active roles. You can make threats and exert pressure on your competitor this way. Try to develop your templars and bishops before your rooks, and don’t move the same piece more than once in the beginning. Some of the best ways to start a game of chess as a beginner will help you build up the right pieces at the perfect time.
  • Early castle: Castling is an important defensive move that lets you protect your king and link your rooks. As a basic guideline, you must try to castle within the first 10 moves of the game.
  • Plan: Chess is a game where you have to think ahead and plan. As you build your pieces and take control of the center, you should think about your long-term goals and how to reach them. This could mean setting up pawn breaks, making a threat against your opponent’s king, or looking for ways to move your pieces better.

By remembering these rules and practising often, you can improve at chess and enjoy the challenges and opportunities of this time-tested game.


In the end, we discuss how to set up a chess board. Chess is one of the most traditional board games around the world. Two people play it. We also discuss chess rules and strategies to win the game.

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