Ideas for working from home in 2024

Ideas for working from home in 2024

Ideas para trabajar desde casa in 2024

Do you want to know the best ideas for working from home, since you were unemployed or have decided to work on your own? Maybe you still don’t have all your ideas in order to start a new job, activity or practice your profession from home. There are many ideas you can have. However, it is difficult for you to decide on one that offers you all the advantages, such as good remuneration, flexible hours, convenience to work without leaving home and other benefits of this type of employment that, thanks to technological advances, is now possible for Ideas para trabajar desde casa.

That’s why we have selected the most innovative ideas so that from now on you can work without having to leave your comfort zone. Keep reading what we present below and you will discover a whole world of opportunities that in other times were impossible to achieve.

Don’t waste time, forget about working exhausting schedules and having low remuneration for your services. Now is the time to start your idea, without forgetting that responsibility and seriousness are part of this new adventure.

Ideas to work from home and earn money

Without a doubt, technological advancement has meant that every day there are more opportunities to perform at work without having to leave home, being your own boss, taking care of your family and many other benefits that this new venture offers you.

You don’t necessarily have to work a whole day, you can start with a part-time job or if you prefer, dedicate the full day to your job, you set the limit. This is one of the advantages of working from home and earning money.

And without further ado, here are some ideas for working from home:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Content writer
  • Web developer
  • Graphic designer
  • Tutoring
  • community manager
  • Digital marketing
  • Translator
  • Style corrector
  • Accountant or accounting advisor
  • business consultant
  • Personal counseling or life coach
  • Equipment maintenance technician
  • Create your own online store
  • Personal trainer
  • Sell ​​courses
  • Affiliate Product Promoter
  • Other ideas that you will surely have in mind

Business ideas to work from home

Whatever the reasons for starting your business from home, the important thing is that you encourage yourself and do your best since it is a way to earn extra money and also the beginning of what could be, in the future, a great company.

Below we indicate a series of business ideas so you can work from home:

  • Freelance: Writing, web design, marketing, among others.
  • Creative craft work: Interior design.
  • Daycare: Childcare, you must meet the required standards.
  • Resale of products: Sell new or used items but in excellent condition.
  • Walking and caring for pets: For those who like animals, giving them food, cleaning them, among others.
  • Gastronomic entrepreneurship: For this business you must have all the regulations required by the authorities for food handling.
  • Event planning: Take charge of how any type of event should be carried out. If you are searching Ideas para trabajar desde casa.
  • Teacher or private classes: Teach classes in any area.

4 original ideas to work from home online

There are various ideas for starting a home business online; we will give you 4 original ideas that you can carry out from the comfort of your home and that, thanks to technology, it is possible to execute them successfully.

1. Start a Dropshipping business:

An excellent idea where you do not need to have the products stored. You just have to contact the supplier, promote their products and they will be the one to send them to the client.

2. Launch an online store:

It is a great idea that is extremely profitable, where you can offer a large number of products and if they are products that set trends, the greater the chance you have of making money.

3. Sell ​​artisanal products:

Generally these products are not found in the common market and are original, you can use digital platforms like Etsy to promote them.

4. Offer Social Media services:

Excellent for those who frequently manage social networks, you can take advantage of marketing techniques on social networks to promote brands, attract followers and achieve public participation.

Ideas to work at home for women

Entrepreneurial women are characterized by innovating and making the most of situations. If you want to have a job that allows you to take care of your children and your family, with flexible hours and that does not require a large investment, don’t think twice and decide to start your own business from home. Here are some Ideas para trabajar desde casa.

1. Personalized gifts:

If you are creative, offer personalized gifts for special dates such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries. These gifts can include baskets with candy, flowers, toys.

2. Home cooking:

The gastronomic business never goes out of style, stand out with the best food you know how to prepare.

3. Catering or Pasapalos:

Stand out by preparing these delicacies for party celebrations, birthdays, weddings, in a wide variety, sweet and savory.

4. Rent:

You can start your business from home by renting apartments, houses, rooms and everything related to the real estate sector.

5. Daycare:

If you like taking care of children, it is your opportunity to start a business from home. You must have optimal conditions for their safety.

Ideas for working from home with Amazon

The prominent company Amazon continues to grow worldwide. However, not all countries have a physical store, that is why they use technology to not stop the increase in their sales and meet the demands in some countries.

If you want to work from home with Amazon, we will tell you what positions are requested and if you fit this profile, we will tell you how to apply for the job.

Currently available vacancies are in the following areas:

  • Technology sector.
  • Sales, advertising and account management.
  • Business and sales development.
  • Software development.
  • Customer service (this is where there are the most vacancies).
  • Marketing and public relations.
  • Human Resources.
  • Medical services, health and safety.
  • Project management.

To opt for one of these vacancies, go to their Amazon Jobs page and select the section of your interest, specifically teleworking, there they will give you a list of vacancies, select the one that fits your profile and follow the instructions.

Ideas for working from home with Shopify

The Canadian e-commerce company Shopify offers the opportunity to work from home: however, to apply for one of its positions you must have knowledge or be a professional in the technological area.

If you have a profession related to digital technology, this is your great opportunity to work with a company of international prestige and with the ease of being in the comfort of your home. Below we indicate the vacant positions so you can verify if you fit into one of these profiles:

  • Software engineering and development
  • Product
  • Consultants
  • Marketing and sales
  • Bilingual specialists

If you find yourself within one of these profiles and want to work with this company, you must follow the following steps:

  • Access the Shopify home page.
  • Click on the job offer and find out the requirements.
  • If you meet all of these requirements, select “Request Offer.”
  • If you do not have a profile created, you must create it so that you can request the offer.

Creative ideas for working from home

Whatever the reason why you are at home without working, you have the opportunity to make the most of it and earn extra money. That’s why we have the best creative ideas for you so you can work in the comfort of your home, with your own schedule and take care of your family.

If you are on this portal it is because you are interested in working from home, so let’s not waste time and take note of the best ideas that we present below:

  • Creative entrepreneurship: Make baby clothes, women’s, children’s, men’s, bags, bracelets; this is your chance.
  • Taking care of pets: It is about taking care of pets, this includes taking them for a walk, giving them food, bathing them (when required) and keeping them company.
  • Buy-Sell: Buy items at a discounted price and sell them through your social networks; There are many varieties that the market offers you.
  • Photographer: Offer your services for those special events such as weddings, birthdays, celebrations and all types of events, so that they can save these beautiful memories.

Ideas for working from home with FedEx

Federal Express or FedEx is an international courier company dedicated to the airline and logistics sector that offers job opportunities to work from home; is among one of the best companies in the world with excellent employment options. It is the most important international transportation company offering fast delivery services.

It is important to highlight that FedEx offers employment to professionals from different areas and specialties, among which are:

  • Marketing.
  • Communications.
  • Logistics.
  • Finance.
  • Human Resources.
  • Customer Support.
  • Engineering and technicians, among others.

If you are interested in working from home with this prestigious company, you just have to access their web portal and register on their platform. In this way you will discover the different vacancies that will allow you to apply for the position that suits your profile and the company will also be able to contact you for its selection process.

Working from home with FedEx will give you the opportunity to belong to a highly respected company that values ​​and motivates its employees.

Ideas for working from home with Facebook

Facebook, in addition to entertainment, you can get the most out of your business from home; This social network definitely reaches everyone and is key to increasing your sales by attracting potential customers.

If you still don’t know how to take advantage of Facebook to work at home, here we tell you how:

Share opinions:

It is about sharing reflections that provide positive meaning to other people, who feel identified with what you are publishing but from an effective point of view.

Spread the contents of your blog:

If you have a blog, Facebook is the ideal platform to get the greatest number of visits.

Promote your content:

Activate buttons on your website so that users are directed directly to your Facebook page and discover more about your business.

Participate in groups:

You can do this by creating your own group or joining them, this way you will promote your business even more. It’s an excellent way to make yourself known.


If you want to work at home, don’t worry we are discussed different Ideas para trabajar desde casa. Just know your skill and work hard to get success.

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