Lavanderia Cerca De Mi: How To Find Best Services

Lavanderia Cerca De Mi: How To Find Best Services

If you need a lavanderia cerca de mi, don’t worry, below, we will tell you how to find laundromats close to your home, which are available 24 hours a day and how to find out their hours and references.

What is a laundry area?

A laundry area is a place where clothes can be washed and dried. In the laundry, clothes are washed and dried by machine . The dryers are controlled by customers who generally do not have a dryer or washing machine at home and go to these places to get their clothes professionally washed. Everyone prefer lavanderia cerca de mi and get more benefits.

Where are the laundries located?

Laundromats are often located in large buildings or in office buildings, gas stations, or places that are easily accessible for customers who need to bring their laundry.

A laundry has different characteristics:

  • Washing machines.
  • Tumble dryers.
  • Place to fold and store clothe
  • Seats and benches to wait for washing.

Washing machines are machines that can be used to wash clothes. The washing machine is created to be used in a specific way.

What can wash in a laundry?

  • White cotton clothing.
  • Embroidered or delicate cotton linen.
  • Polyester, synthetic, non-iron or cotton blend linens.
  • Colored cotton clothing.
  • Corduroy pants, knitwear that does not shrink when washed, synthetic sheers, ski clothing or fibers that do not need to be ironed.
  • Cotton and mix of delicate colors, nylon or other garments with resistant fibers.
  • Wool garments, lingerie, corsetry, wool, swimwear and elastic.

How to find lavanderia cerca de mi?

If you are interested in discovering how to find lavanderia cerca de mi, in this section we will share some locators that will facilitate your location. Since, they show you the results closest to you. Keep reading!

Googl Maps

Google Maps the most used web page, one of the best, since it gives you all the exact details about the location, schedules and complements the result with opinions of people.

Clean laundry

To start the search, Clean Laundry is a web page that provides you with an extensive directory of all the laundries that are scattered throughout the United States. In addition, you will find articles related to clothing care, what is the correct way to wash, and much more.

Finally, it shows you the ratings and testimonials of other users. But, if you want to refine your search, I recommend placing “lavanderia cerca de mi” using the exact location. That is, “Laundromats near Los Angeles, USA.” And so you can see the ones closest to you.


To culminate we have the Foursquare application, a very easy and practical platform to use, you just have to place the site and the store of your interest, in this case, laundries and a list with the available options will be displayed. In addition, you can have a preview of the services.

Cheap laundry near me

The remarkable thing about laundry services is that you can save money, while receiving the benefit of enjoying your clean clothes. But, did you know that there are low cost laundries? Check out some of these options!

Lucy’s Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Near our location we will find a wide variety of low cost laundries, with services that are very consistent with what we need. In this case, we have Lucy’s Laundry and Dry Cleaning, which offers you pick-up service, dry cleaning, and self-service washing. This laundry stands out for its good prices, excellent services, immediate response, and a professional staff willing to help you when you need it.

Luxury Laundry

Luxe Laundries is a laundry where you will find the service you need. In addition, the place has a good space, working washers and dryers, the staff that operates here is friendly and always willing to help you. On the other hand, the prices are very accessible and comfortable, so there will be no problems paying.

Lavandería cerca de mi 24 horas

Lavanderia Cerca De Mi
Lavanderia Cerca De Mi


If you want to find a laundry where you can find everything to care for your clothes, lavanderia cerca de mi is a good place if you want to enjoy the best service. The place has a wide selection of washers and dryers, so there will always be available. Also, the staff is always attentive and helpful. In case you work a somewhat inflexible schedule, which may take up most of your time, it is necessary to locate Lavandería cerca de mi 24 horas. In this way, there will be no inconvenience due to the opening or closing time of the place.

24 hours Laundry

For a complete service you can attend 24 hours laundry. This site is always kept clean with the products you need to clean your clothes, as well as operating equipment for the public. A highlight is the other benefits that it offers you. In case of going with children, you have an area dedicated to them. In addition, you will find ATM, parking, waiting seats, air conditioning, and machines to refill your bottle of water.

Your New Chicago Laundromat

Enjoy a free cup of coffee while you wash your clothes. Your New Chicago Laundromat , has a wide service for individuals and companies. In the case of residential service, you will have excellent assistance from the staff, as well as the collection and delivery service available. In this case, you deserve to select the appropriate time to receive your clothes, washed, dried and previously folded.

Granda Coin Laundry

To culminate with the laundromats near me open 24 hours, we close with Granda Coin Laundry, a place that has washers and dryers in perfect condition, a clean environment, free wi-fi, and an excellent operating team that provides help when needed. Among the services available you will find washing and drying, dry cleaning, alterations, cleaning of bed linen, ironing, pick-up and delivery service.

Laundromat near me express

Saving time and money is fundamental to our lives, and sometimes the express laundry service can be the best solution. Get to know some of the best options near your town!

Westmoreland Express Laundry Center

This center provides you with the best comforts so that you can enjoy a good lavanderia cerca de mi service with the best high-speed and modern washing machines, which cut down on the process time. In addition, the space is spacious, clean and with all the products you need.

On the other hand, you can find offers and discounts on the prices of services, which allows you to save more.

Laundry Express

Another alternative that you have at your disposal is Laundry Express, where you can enjoy laundry service open 24 hours, free pick-up and delivery service, washing and drying, dry cleaning, and commercial laundry. Also, the price is very reasonable.

Xpressway Laundromat

We end this section with Xpressway Laundromat. The laundry service of this place is fast and optimized. On the other hand, the machines are modern and agile to provide you with the best washing time. And to culminate, the staff in charge will provide you with support at all times in case of doubts or discomfort.

Hours and types of services offered by lavanderia cerca de mi

Lavanderia cerca de mi hours can vary from 2 pm to 10 pm, some are open 24 hours a day, and others offer express services. The laundry workers are in charge of picking up, washing, drying and folding the clothes. It should be noted that they wash them very delicately, there are even some laundries where they repair the clothes.

How clothes are washed in the United States

Lavanderia Cerca De Mi
Lavanderia Cerca De Mi

In US cities with a high population, having washing machines in apartments and places of residence is something very rare. However, in high-rise buildings, some residential complexes have laundry rooms, which may have 2-3 washing machines, for which you must pay for each use.

The Lavadero de ropa in some apartments are very advantageous, since it will not be necessary to leave the building, but even so, many tenants in this situation prefer to rent the service of a laundry.

From now on we will indicate some of the reasons why Americans do not have a washing machine at home:

1. Avoid repairs

Washing machines, like all electrical appliances, can be damaged. Repairing it is usually a very expensive expense. But this does not happen when you use a laundry, because you will only have to pay for the service provided.

   2. Not cause flooding

Mishandling a washing machine in a building can cause a disaster, including a flood. Many American tenants are afraid of this happening to them, which is why they prefer to use laundromats.

3. Little space

In the United States, each square meter that is rented is very expensive, much more if you live in a major city. Having a laundry room inside an apartment would be a complete waste of the space of the apartments here. Americans prefer to make the best use of rented space.

4. Removals

In this country, people move houses frequently. This is due to many factors, but in this case, it is not favorable to have very large appliances . This would make the move more difficult.

5. Some owners do not accept washing machines

In view of the risks that a tenant having a washing machine in a building can cause, many landlords make it a rule that tenants do not have these types of appliances in their apartments.

6. Laundromat is more profitable

Most Americans prefer to use laundry services because they find it much more cost effective than having a washing machine at home. In fact, in this country there is a belief that whoever has a washing machine at home is a winner. Also, the laundry service is very fast.

7. Large families

For a housewife with many children to attend, having to wash at home would be a great added job, which can take a long time. since in addition to washing all the clothes, they must be dried and ironed. Another factor to take into account in this case is that Americans do not like to accumulate a lot of dirty laundry.

In lavanderia cerca de mi you can place all your clothes in different washing machines, use professional drying chambers. And they go home quickly and with a large amount of clean clothes.

Lavandería en México

Laundromats in Mexico, also known as laundromats or self-service laundries. They are places where people can wash and dry their clothes independently. These businesses are often equipped with washing and drying machines, as well as cleaning products for clothes.

In Mexico, lavanderia cerca de mi are often found in urban areas and have become popular due to the increase in population and the modern lifestyle in cities. Many people do not have the possibility or the time to do laundry at home. So automatic laundromats have become a practical and economical solution to this need.

How much does laundry cost?

As a general rule, the price of washing clothes in Lavanderia Cerca De Mi in Mexico usually has a cost around:

  • 7 kg wash: $150 ~ $280 MXN
  • 14 kg wash: $300 ~ $599 MXN

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a dry cleaning and a laundry?

The real difference is in the washing method. While laundries wash with water at 30 degrees and dry in an industrial dryer at about 40 degrees, but dry cleaners have a complex process that is carried out dry.

What is a dry cleaner?

A dry cleaner (Tintorería) is a professional store in the maintenance and care of textiles. Its facilities design for washing, ironing and maintaining clothes. A dry cleaner can also (although not all) dye clothes (hence the name). Its main objective is to return the clothes to a state as close as possible to their original state through two cleaning methods: washing with water and dry cleaning.

How to go to the laundromat in New York?

In New York you can find many laundromats near your place of residence. If you are new to this city and do not know how to use the laundry service, we will tell you what to do from now.

  • In the start, what you prefer to go to the laundry or have the laundry come to you. Many laundromats collect clothes at home and return them home the next day, clean and folded.
  • You can also go to the laundry, leave clothes and go to pick them up the next day.
  • In both cases it is charge by weight.

If you have enough time, you can save money by doing your own laundry at one of these laundromats.


We tell you how to find lavanderia cerca de mi, which are available 24 hours a day and how to find out their hours and references. We also discuss their charges. Hope so you like this article.


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