Muebles usados cerca de mí and top 17 online platforms for second hand furniture

Muebles usados cerca de mí and top 17 online platforms for second hand furniture

Are you thinking about renovating your home without spending a fortune? Then searching for “muebles usados cerca de mí” may be your ideal starting point. In this digital age, you have a wide variety of options at your disposal, not only in nearby physical stores but also on online platforms that offer excellent opportunities to find quality furniture at affordable prices. In this article, we will present you with a detailed guide to help you explore 17 places online where you can find the used furniture that best suits your style and budget. Keep reading and discover how to make your home a renovated space without unbalancing your finances! If you are in the South Florida area, you can see places where they deliver free furniture in Miami.

Best places to buy used furniture online

Best places to buy used furniture online

Currently there are many online stores that are dedicated to selling muebles usados at very affordable prices. If you are looking for a place to buy second-hand furniture, here we leave you the best options.


One of the best places on the internet to buy used furniture is without a doubt KAIYO. It is a store specialized in muebles usados in perfect condition. This online store is characterized by selling furniture from well-known brands that are professionally cleaned, assembled and delivered. If you are looking to equip your home and don’t know where to find the best options, KAIYO is your ideal choice.

At KAIYO you can get a wide variety of offers on used furniture. Most of these items are of excellent quality and have a really attractive price. The store doesn’t just sell used furniture. You can also buy other types of home furnishings such as beds, chairs, decorations, tables and more.

KAIYO also offers its customers furniture cleaning and disinfection service for those who want to buy a piece of furniture that is at home in an apartment or basement. But this is not all. The popular online store also buys used furniture for those who are thinking of updating their existing furniture and don’t know what to do with the old ones.

You can list your furniture on KAIYO like you would any other selling platform and get paid when it sells or you can take advantage of their “Instant Offer” feature and sell your furniture directly to KAIYO.

2: eBay – muebles usados cerca de mí

If it comes to buying used items on the internet, eBay is always one of the best alternatives to consider for muebles usados cerca de mí. This online store also sells used furniture, and there are two things that are very attractive about buying on eBay. The first is its incredible offers and the second is its wide variety of products available.

eBay has some disadvantages compared to other online stores. There are few professional sellers, their shipments are usually very expensive and many scams have been reported during transactions.

But beyond these negative points, eBay continues to be a great option when it comes to buying used furniture online at a low price.

3: Etsy

Etsy has become one of the preferred online stores to buy second-hand items. It is similar to eBay, although its products are more exclusive and a little more expensive.

On Etsy muebles usados you will find practically everything, including used furniture that you can buy quickly and safely. Although it is not the first option to consider, you should not leave out Etsy, as it usually has very good offers on the sale of used items. In this store you will find furniture that is generally difficult to find elsewhere.

For people who like to buy unique and unrepeatable things, this muebles usados cerca de mí could be one of the best options on the market, since most of the used furniture sold in this store is different from the rest.

4: 1st DIBS

1st DIBS could not be missing from the list of the best online stores that sell used furniture in perfect condition. The truth is that this online store is not for everyone, since the prices of its products are usually very expensive compared to other businesses that sell second-hand furniture.

At this online platform you can get a wide variety of muebles usados that you can get at discounts. If you are looking for an online store that sells furniture at cheap prices, stay away.

The store is a great alternative for customers looking for luxury furniture as well as antique furniture that is very different from what can be found anywhere else on the market.

One recommendation: Be sure to set your price filters before delving too deeply into the listings to avoid falling in love with a piece of furniture before realizing the price.

5: Chairish – muebles usados cerca de mí

A great option for buying used furniture online is Chairish, one of the most interesting stores that you can easily access. It is truly impressive the amount of used furniture in perfect condition that you can get in this online store. It has a large inventory of secondhand furniture in its store with a focus on vintage items.

For people who are looking to buy items from other countries like African milking stools, French dining sets, and more, Chairish is also your best choice. It is worth entering this store if you are looking for something different instead of cheap.

6: Amazon

Amazon is and popular online commerce stores if you are searching muebles usados cerca de mí. It may not be the first option to buy used furniture, however it is still an interesting alternative. This store is a viable option when it comes to purchasing second-hand furniture as it can save you a lot of money. But that is not all. Amazon is also very responsible with deliveries. It may seem strange to many people that Amazon sells used products, however it is possible to get this type of second-hand items. You just have to know where to look.

Many Amazon returns are sold in bulk, but those that are easy to resell are simply listed in the same listings. Just read carefully and access incredible discounts. While you can obviously only buy from the limited range of furniture that Amazon has available, you can furnish your house or apartment with significant savings!

7: Craigslist

There are those who consider that Craigslist has gone out of fashion, however it is still a great alternative to find offers on muebles usados cerca de mí at a very good price. If you have a van (and are willing to haggle), you can find great deals on second-hand furniture through this platform.

On Craigslist you can find good deals on used furniture, you just have to know how to search calmly. If you’re really looking to make a deal on secondhand furniture , we recommend searching the oldest listing in your area and texting the person. People are often desperate to remove their furniture before moving or receiving another piece of furniture.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a truck to pick up the furniture. You can ask a third party for the favor or negotiate with the seller himself to deliver it to you. It’s all about looking for more pocket-friendly alternatives.

8: Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Don’t know where to buy muebles usados en internet? How about you take a walk through Facebook Marketplace, one of the most popular online stores of the moment. On Facebook Marketplace you can get a large number of used items and products that people sell at a very good price, including furniture.

This store is similar to Craigslist with a few advantages:

It gives you access to pages in your specific area or neighborhood and shows you online garage sales. Some feel that Facebook Marketplace is not a true online shopping experience since shipping is not included. However, here you will find attractive offers that are worth taking into account.

9: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters may not be the best option for buying second-hand furniture online, however there is a specific section in this store that allows you to access used products.

The “ Urban Renewal ” section of Urban Outfitters is a great place to buy used things, including furniture. In this section you can get second-hand products such as clothing, furniture and other household items. Most of the products available in this section are a little “out of place” in terms of style, however it may be just what you are looking for for your home and obtain a unique and different decoration.

10: AptDeco for muebles usados cerca de mí

Do you like quality furniture but don’t want to pay a lot of money for one of them? Don’t worry. AptDeco can be a great choice for those people looking for used furniture at a great price. It has positioned itself as one of the best stores to buy used furniture online. It has tons of quality furniture brands like West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and more.

One of the things that attracts the most attention about this store is its surprising discounts. You can purchase second-hand furniture with up to 75 percent off the original purchase price. You can add the “Make Offer” option and get super affordable local shipping and this store can easily become one of your favorites on the market.

11: ApartmentTherapy’s Bazaar

Now is the time to get to know ApartmentTherapy’s Bazaar. This muebles usados cerca de mí one of the most recommended platforms when it comes to buying or selling used furniture online. It is not an online store as such. Rather, it works as a platform where users can buy or sell their used furniture quickly and safely.

At this muebleria cerca de mi you can mostly find antique and vintage furniture, however there are also plenty of different furniture options to suit almost any style or price range.

12: One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane is also considered to be another of the best muebles usados cerca de mí to buy used furniture. This store fits more into the “vintage boutique furniture” vibe. However, One Kings Lane also has furniture available that is very modern and attractive, and best of all at a price range that is quite pocket-friendly.

While the bulk of One Kings Lane’s offerings are actually newly produced furniture , visit their vintage section to see their used gems.

13: Rejuvenation

If you want to muebleria cerca de mi at a truly incredible price , we recommend visiting Rejuvenation, one of the most attractive stores you can find on the internet.

Rejuvenation started out as a vintage lighting and furniture restoration house and although they have veered towards producing their own brand new items, they still maintain a section on their website dedicated to second hand (usually vintage) items.

If your intention is to get more than muebles usados, you can consider this store as one of your best options. Here you will find endless lighting accessories such as chandeliers and chandeliers.

14: EBTH

We already talked to you about eBay, but can you imagine a similar store with a higher level? We have it for you. This EBTH is a great option to buy used furniture online. At EBTH it is sold at auction starting at $1. This gives you the opportunity to get great deals on furniture directly from estate and antique sales.

Through this store you will be able to access a wide variety of second-hand furniture, automotive products, household items, electronic products and more.

You can get truly unique and exclusive pieces at EBTH, however you will have to deal with other potential buyers who will surely try to bet more money to take the product home.

15: Shop Goodwill

It’s certainly difficult to find amazing second hand items at muebles usados cerca de mí like Shop Goodwill, but nothing is impossible. Despite the complexity of the process, this platform is still a great option to consider.

Getting high-quality use items from stores like Goodwill is difficult for many reasons, mainly greed. Goodwill now takes the items donated to them, chooses a bunch to sell in their eBay stores, and sells a bunch more on their own website.

16: The Real

We want to introduce you to The Real, another of the best options available for purchasing use items, including furniture.

The RealReal is a popular luxury and designer goods seller. Many customers choose this option for many reasons, mainly security during the transaction process.

Most users prefer The Real to avoid common scams on eBay or Mercari, regardless of whether they have to pay a little more money to purchase the product

17: Sotheby’s – muebles usados cerca de mí

Sotheby’s can not left out of the list of places on the internet to muebles usados cerca de mí. It is one of the oldest and premier auction houses that now conducts most of its business online. Now any user can access Sotheby’s and see what is up for auction to bet on. However, please note that most items on this platform are not cheap as they are rare and luxury products.

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