21 Best Psicologos Cerca De Mi In The USA: How To Choose One – 2023

21 Best Psicologos Cerca De Mi In The USA: How To Choose One – 2023

If you are looking for professional help, find the best psicologos cerca de mi in the USA! Worrying about your mental health should be a day-to-day priority. If you know a child, adolescent, or adult who requires this help, do not hesitate to share the article.

The United States is one of the most influential world powers, economically speaking, and although it is a stable nation, where you can get many job and educational opportunities, its pace of work can affect your mental health, seeing you involved in constant stress, which You can develop other disorders.

For this reason, when you have the first signs of anxiety, depression, or stress, it is advisable to see a specialist to help you channel those emotions. Are you in the USA? Locate psicólogo en español now.

How to find psicologos cerca de mi in the USA?

psicologos cerca de mi in the USA

Generally, when it comes to looking for psicologos cerca de mi gratis, we usually ask a friend or family member. However, in case they don’t know the information, here I will leave you some functional and simple locators.

Psychology Today

One of the main options for finding psicologos cerca de mi ubicación is through the Psychology Today website. Since, through it, you can have a preview of the specialist, what are his services, if he is a verified entity, what are his methods, contact number, among other interesting information.

The search through the page is very simple, just select the country and the city of your interest, and a list with the best options in that area will automatically be displayed.


Secondly, there is the Psico.org website. It is very practical and intuitive search engine that allows you to find a psicologo cerca de mi and psicologos Hispanos. Either in person or online. Also, you can see some free consultation options. In Psico.org you can see the comments of other patients, the ratings, the type of service, the location, contact number, the price, and the range of visits of that profile.

Psicologos cerca de mi through Google Maps

To conclude, Google Maps is also a geolocation tool that will allow you to find a specialist near your home. Like the previous options, in the app you can view comments, ratings, contact number, website, among other important information.

Go to Nearest

A. Psychologists Near Me for Families

Psychologists Near Me for Families

Psicologos Familiares Cerca De Mi

Family circles can be involved in dilemmas that, sometimes, we do not find the solution by being focused solely on the problem. That is why family psicologos en español provide you with practical tools to improve the relationship.

Claudia N. Quiroz

To start with the psicologos cerca de mi for families, the specialist Claudia N. Quiroz specializes in anxiety, depression, stress, learning difficulties, phobias, hyperactivity, panic disorders, group therapy, among others.

Psicólogo En Inglés Pamela Arriola

If you are looking for a solution to the family problems that you may be presenting, the psicologos Familiares cerca de mi Pamela has specialized in solving problems of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, emotional dependence, attention deficit, conduct disorders or personality disorders.

As well as, she is an expert in handling family crises, communication problems, anger attacks, mourning and infidelity.

Ana Cristina Eisenmann

To culminate, the specialist Ana Cristina has extensive experience in addiction problems, obsessive-compulsive disorders, stress, emotional dependence, anorexia, anxiety, depression, phobias, among others, providing professional guidance to improve the family environment.

B. Psicoterapeuta Cerca De Mi for Adolescents

Psicoterapeuta Cerca De Mi for Adolescents

Is your child going through the rebellious stage and you don’t know how to handle it? Do not let time pass, you find a specialized psicologo cerca de mi casa and attends to the problems that you may be presenting.

Psicólogo En Inglés Gabriela Sotomayor

With a degree in Psychology, Gabriela Sotomayor has an impeccable experience of more than 20 years of service, offering each patient a new opportunity to start a dignified life, knowing their abilities and freedoms.

In relation to the above, he specializes in anxiety, depression, emotional problems, relational problems, self-esteem, and Life Coaching, Online modality.

Juan Martin Florit

Secondly, we have the psychologist specialized in cognitive-behavioral therapies, Juan Martin psicologo infantil cerca de mi, who is in charge of treating problems of anger, anxiety, panic, depression, post-traumatic stress, etc., through behavioral analysis therapies, acceptance and commitment therapy. As well as family therapy. His modality is online.

Maria Sol Stagnitto – Psicólogos Cristianos Cerca De Mi

To culminate with psicologo catolico cerca de mi for adolescents, we have Lic. María Stagnitto, who specializes in treating problems with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, stress, relationship problems, anger management, and insomnia.

In addition to this, the psychologist offers cognitive-behavioral therapies, and Mindfulness. In addition, you can see your therapies online.

C. Children’s psychologists near me

Children's psychologists near me

Psicólogos cerca de mí para niños

Surely you have heard the phrase: “Children are like sponges” This is because the smallest of the house absorb the emotions and behaviors of their environment. For this reason, if your child is presenting an inappropriate attitude, it is better to go to a psychologist capable of dealing with these situations.

1. ️Anne Heaton-Armstrong

To start with psicologo cerca de mi para niños, we have Anne Heaton, a graduate specializing in child psychology, where she is responsible for helping children with anxiety, depression, separation and divorce transition, low self-esteem, and relationship difficulties.

2. Dove King Cardona

Paloma Rey is a psychologist specialized in communication problems, anxiety, stress, grief, depression, emotional dependence, ADHD, and learning difficulties.

Thanks to their therapies, this psicologo cerca de mi para niños focused on acceptance and coping, cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive psychology, you can find a prolonged solution to the child’s problem. The modality that it handles is online.

3. Latino Psychologist Miami

Miami Latino Psychologist, as you can read in the name, you can get them located in Miami. In this place they take care of the children with a fantastic treatment, they do different sessions so that they can help them with the possible problems that they may have, even if they have experienced a traumatic moment.

4. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

The team of psychologists at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is magnificent, quality is assured in each of the sessions they carry out with children, they offer personalized therapies, and the best thing is that the service is also available in Spanish.

Among the problems they try to solve are depression, parental divorce, anxiety, family conflicts or anger control.

5. Monica Oganes & Associates

Now we have best para niños is Monica Oganes & Asociados. You will be able to have different quality services, such as psycho-pedagogical evaluations, therapies and cognitive training for children in case they have learning problems.

6. Nancy Caroline Damian

We culminate with the child psychologist, Nancy Damian, specialized in problems of internet addiction, depression, dependency, sexual abuse, self-esteem, and anxiety. Through her therapies, the expert seeks to provide solutions to the difficulties of her youngest patients, reinforcing her positive qualities and increasing love and acceptance.

D. Psicologos Cerca De Mi For Couples

Psicologos Cerca De Mi For Couples

Couples are constantly affected by monotony, communication failures, insecurities, among other setbacks that can create a toxic environment. In this same order of ideas, it is advisable to find psicoterapeuta cerca de mi, and address these dilemmas on time.

Psicólogo en Español Elizabeth delicia

To begin with, Elizabeth Delicio is a couples psychologist specializing in anxiety, depression, stress, emotional dependence, addictive behaviors, alcoholism, infidelity, divorce, and sexology. Thanks to her experience, she has been positioned as one of the best specialists in the area.

Teresa Wren-Johnston

If you are looking for an expert in couples therapy, dr. Teresa Wren is in charge of providing a solution to the problem after using her methods such as acceptance and commitment therapy, emotional interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and family systems. He is a best psicologos cerca de mi for your need.

Psicólogo en Español Arodi martinez

If you are searching psicologos cerca de mi then we conclude with Dr. Arodi Martínez , a specialist in divorce, couple conflicts, stress, depression and anxiety. Through his methods such as acceptance and commitment therapy, emotional therapy, couples therapy, and positive psychology, he tries to provide a solution to people who may be facing coexistence difficulties.

Psicólogos CDMX ReGain

ReGain stands out for only providing couples therapy, this is a good thing, because it’s a great idea to go to them if couples are having problems and need to see a psychologist.

In addition, there are several ways to contact them, it is also possible to do a session online. It should be noted that all psychologists are licensed and that you can choose it depending on your preferences.

Couples Therapy Inc

Couples Therapy Inc is available throughout almost the entire United States, they are focused on couples therapy, as the name implies. In addition, there are other help plans such as recovery from an affair, counseling before marriage and others.

It is important to note that the therapies last 50 to 55 minutes, although one of its disadvantages is that the service is more expensive than its competitors.

Kip Therapy – Psicólogia Cerca De Mi

Despite the fact that Kip Therapy psicologia cerca de mi services are more expensive than average. It offers excellent services of different kinds, such as families, groups, individuals, and couples, which is where they stand out the most in the latter.

Finally, ii is essential to mention that psicologos cerca de mi Kip Therapy is located in New York.

E. Psychologists in Spanish near me online for free

Psychologists in Spanish near me online for free

Psicólogos Cerca De Mi Gratis

In the United States you can get the help of a psicólogos en linea. However, if what you want is a therapy through the internet, there is no problem, because we will provide you with psicólogos que hablen español cerca de mi para niños:

Let’s talk better – psicólogos En Línea

One of the best options you can go to is Let’s Talk Better. This online platform is responsible for performing therapies on the internet and in Spanish. They have an extensive team of psychologists who are ready to help you with your problems, such as depression, anxiety, stress, a traumatic event, and more.

BetterHelp – Psicólogos En Linea

BetterHelp psicologos cerca de mi is widely known in the United States, as one of the best online therapy companies, this is due to its great reach for everyone and the ease of helping people with their problems.

It connects you directly with a highly qualified professional psychologist. The best thing is that they do four live sessions per month in order to solve the person’s concerns.


Finally, you have Talkspace psicologo cerca de mi, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first time in therapy or you’re looking to improve your mental health. They offer a huge variety of plans and subscriptions for all ages, both for children or adolescents, as well as psychiatry.

It should be noted that since the service of this psicologos cerca de mi is online, you can have several ways to contact your therapist.

What does an appointment with a psychologist cost?

The price of an appointment with a psicologos cerca de mi varies depending on the type of psychological assistance you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a psychologist for adolescents, or you are more interested in psychological help to face a divorce.

Costs also fluctuate depending on which center you attend, but on average, you can expect to pay between $100 and $200 for each session with a clinical psychologist near me.

In the cases of the most expensive sessions, you can pay more than $250 for each psychological session. And with a bit of luck, you may find a psychologist in Miami or any other city that charges less than $100.


Don’t be afraid to go to a psicologos cerca de mi. If you have problems that are out of your hands, it is best to ask for professional help.

Taking care of your mental health and that of your loved ones is a way of showing love. Therefore, the psychologists that we will show you can be very useful, because they have online services, for children or couples. You can also see psicologo cerca de mi en español.

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