Reparacion de celulares cerca de mi: Complete Guide

Reparacion de celulares cerca de mi: Complete Guide

Reparacion de celulares cerca de mi: mobile phone does not work and you are looking for a cell phone repair place near me, it is the best thing to do instead of buying a new one. Whether it was dropped and the screen broke, the battery does not charge, it got wet or some of the buttons do not work, your iPhone can be repaired. But if you do not know the shops that are dedicated to repairing it, then you will know the best ones. In this article, we will discuss best reparacion de celulares cerca de mi. Keep reading!

The most common problems of Cell Phone

1. Water damage

Nobody wants their cell phone to fall into the water, but the risks exist and unfortunately sometimes our cell phone ends up in a bucket, cistern, or any other place with water. In this case, I recommend that you look for reparacion de celulares cerca de mi who will make a professional diagnosis of the damage suffered and clean the phone until it is fixed.

2. Broken buttons

If your phone is non-touch and has buttons, it is quite possible that sooner or later they will end up messing it up. If this is your problem, contact cell phone repair shops near your proposed location.

3. Broken screen.

The screens are one of the pieces of cell phones that suffer the most damage. This is not a very expensive breakdown and it will be enough for you to go to any nearby cell phone repair store to change the screen and leave the phone as new.

In this case you have two options, you can take it to an official house of the brand of your phone or to stores where they fix cell phones. If your phone is still under warranty or you have insurance that takes care of these problems, taking your cell phone to the manufacturer is the best option.

An unofficial cell phone repair shop will probably mean you will have to wait longer because they have to order the parts or send the cell phone to repair. In favor it has that the cost will be significantly lower than taking it to the manufacturer.

4. The battery stops working.

With the passage of time, the battery of your cell phone lasts less time. This can affect your productivity if the phone is a fundamental tool in your work. Changing a cell phone battery is another of the most common jobs performed by a reparacion de celulares cerca de mi company.

5. Speaker doesn’t work.

If your Samsung, iPhone or any other model phone does not emit any sound or emits distorted sounds, the problem may be in your speaker.

6. It does not receive a signal.

If your phone has no signal or the signal is too weak and your phone company can’t find the fault, there may be a problem with your phone. These problems may be caused by damage to your SIM card, because you have outdated software, or your phone terminal has problems resulting from other damage.

How to search for reparacion de celulares cerca de mi?

Technology is very important when looking for reparacion de celulares cerca de mi. If you have one of these damaged devices, your cell phone fell and you cannot use it, these are some of the problems that they mostly seek to solve. Therefore, we indicate the way to locate a technician who offers you a quality service at excellent prices.


Find the help you need to repair your cell phone on Yelp, locate this service in your city and also share your experience so that others can also be informed. Look for the best places that offer you this type of service in a responsible manner, with quality and affordable costs. This app is available for iOS and Android that offers additional features to the web version.

Yellow place

Yellow place is a search engine through which you can find all the information you need to locate any type of business or site in different categories. No matter your city or area where you are located, with this search engine you will get everything you are looking for.


Mapquest is a map network that shows streets of the cities where you are locating an establishment. It works in a similar way to Google Maps and has a navigation system that indicates the route and the easiest and fastest way to get to the site.

Where to repair a cell phone if it still has a manufacturer’s warranty?

It’s important to read your cell phone’s warranty if you haven’t already, even before it’s damaged. The manufacturer will not always be responsible for repairing your phone if it has been damaged.

It’s important to read your cell phone’s warranty if you haven’t already, even before it’s damaged. The manufacturer will not always be responsible for repairing your phone if it has been damaged.

Normally, if the damage has been caused by your negligence, such as dropping it on the ground or in the water, the guarantee will not take effect and therefore the cost of fixing it must be paid by you. Only if the phone has stopped working due to an internal problem resulting from its use, without negligent action on your part, the manufacturer will take charge of fixing the cell phone.

Samsung cell phone repair.

Samsung cell phones are one of the most widespread brands on the market . This is why it will be especially easy for you to find reparacion de celulares cerca de mi of the brand in your city or an authorized distributor that can fix your Samsung cell phone with all the guarantees.

When choosing a repairer for your Samsung cell phone, make sure it is an authorized Samsung repairer. This will guarantee that the brand itself has approved that the brand or store where you are located repairs Samsung phones with all the guarantees.

iPhone cell phone repair.

If you take your iPhone to the manufacturer or a third-party store, the technician who repairs the cell phone must be trained to repair a phone with any type of fault. Whether your iPhone has a cracked screen, any damaged buttons, audio issues, or the charging or headphone ports have problems, they should be able to fix it.

Before handing over your iPhone to a third party, you should ask if they use genuine Apple parts or not. You can check with Apple whether the store is an official Apple supplier or not, if you need.

Cell phone repair courses.

If you are interested in learning how to fix cell phones or starting a cell phone repair business, there are plenty of courses and tutorials on the market that can help you. If what you are looking for in online teaching you have several options. You can resort to the numerous tutorials that are on YouTube just by looking for the cell phone model and the fault it has. This is the easiest and cheapest way to start learning how to repair a cell phone.

On the other hand, you have the most popular website for online courses, which is Techrele, where you have numerous courses related to this topic, perfectly structured and rated by other students. You can also perform a search in google or any search engine, looking for information related to the fault that you want to repair on any cell phone.

Reparacion de celulares cerca de mi with home service

Many times it is necessary to look for a technician to repair phones (reparacion de celulares cerca de mi) that provide service at home, either because it is difficult for you to go out or because said equipment is in a company. In which case, it is necessary to have the help of these professionals to solve the failure that is occurring. Find out where to find them below.

PcCorzo Solutions Inc.

Reparacion de celulares cerca de mi
Reparacion de celulares cerca de mi

In the city of USA you can locate PcCorzo Solutions Inc with a service that works from Monday to Sunday, excellent care in residential and business service. It gives you help and advice on repairing and updating computers, laptops, virus and spyware removal, web design. It also offers a free diagnosis of the problem, as well as low prices for their solution.

Mac & PC Wireless

Mac & PC Wireless, this New York-based company, offers repair, replacement, and refurbishment services for computers, iPhones, Androids, and tablets. You can request that they go to your home or company and they will gladly attend to your request. In the same way they solve network connectivity problems, deepen computers and laptops and others. Contact right now and receive professional attention.

Computer Zone USA

In Chicago you can request the services of Computer Zona USA that offers virus removal, data backup, restoration and hardware repair.

Repair phones near me at cheap prices

For those looking to reparacion de celulares cerca de mi at prices that fit their budget, then find out in the following lines of these establishments that can help you solve these problems. These professionals offer services at a low cost while maintaining quality in customer service.


JulioPCDoctor is located in the city of Miami, his working hours are from Monday to Saturday. It provides you with a quality service and fair prices in the repair of your computer. Personalized attention that combines it with exceptional professionalism. Do not hesitate to go to this place if you are looking for economy in your budget.

Mario’s Computer Repair

Repair your cell phone or your computer at Mario’s Computer Repair located in Houston, at affordable prices, find the best solution to the problems of your HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Gateway and other brand laptops. It also repairs the screens of your iPhone in a short time, tablet, video game console, Smartphone and more.

Uptown Computers

In San Diego is Uptown Computers, the best computer repair service and computer equipment. They also distribute this equipment and offer advice to companies. Contact them now and receive quality care from highly qualified professionals.

Repair phones near me with fast service

Don’t have time to wait and want to reparacion de celulares cerca de mi in the shortest possible time? We also have this information that will be very useful to you.

Sometimes we cannot wait for them to provide us with a service which will take days, but luckily there are professionals who provide a high quality service and in record time, discover some of them.

MCR Repair

MCR Repair repairs cell phones such as iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Huawei and other recognized brands on the same day, it is a reliable service and at reasonable prices.

Unlimited Wireless

For a quick repair of your cell phone or your computer, do not hesitate to go to Unlimited Wireless, in Hialeah, where you can unlock your phone, change the glass, among other repairs, as well as fix your computer. They attend, from Monday to Sunday, a group of professionals of high quality and kindness.


uBreakiFix offer you fast same-day repair and a one-year warranty. Specialized repair service for cell phones and computers. They have professionals with more than ten years of experience that solve the most difficult problems of your equipment, including, among others, cracked screens, water damage, defective speakers, battery problems and all kinds of repairs for PCs, laptops, tablets, and others.

Factors to consider for best mobile repair service provider.

1. Experience

This is the first and most important factor in confirming the knowledge of any service provider. Before going with any mobile repair service provider, check how old its mobile repair shops and companies are. They must have at least five years of mobile repair experience.

2. Parts warranty

If the mobile service provider provides a post-repair warranty on the replaced parts, they use quality parts.

3. Quality of service

Sometimes to save some money, we are willing to compromise on the quality of service. Quality depends on various factors, such as the quality of the part, technical knowledge, etc.

4. Turn-around time

Mobile is the most important gadget in our lives, and our lives almost stop when our phones are not with us. So, the efficiency of any mobile phone repair service provider depends on their time to solve your mobile phone problem. In the short time they will take to fix your device better. Techrele repaired most of the onsite issues at your location in front of you in 30 minutes.

5. Affordable prices

Price standardization is important before choosing any mobile repair service provider. Price standardization means the same price for the same mobile issue for all customers. If any service provider does not have any price list that shows the non-professional way of working. To get a proper estimate of your mobile phone problem, you can visit our website, and you will get a quote immediately.

6. Process

The repair process has many thugs in the market. It may be possible to steal the original parts from your phone when they take your phone for repair or even damage your phone or steal your important data from your phone. You should avoid this situation. You must ensure that the repair should be done in front of you or good enough for the service provider to trust at times.

How profitable is a cell phone repair business?

Reparacion de celulares cerca de mi
Reparacion de celulares cerca de mi

A cell phone repair business is so profitable that as a cell phone repair technician. You can earn an average of between $19,000 and $38,000 and more as you gain experience and build a successful business.

What is the name of the cell phone repair course?

In the United States DCMR or Course in Mobile Repairing is called the cell phone repair course. As a program that covers all the knowledge to provide repair for all cell phones.

You start with basic knowledge training and work your way up to more complicated software and hardware failure problems.

What does a cell phone repair technician do?

They provide solutions to all mobile phone problems from a diagnosis to then repair or replace damaged parts.

What do I need to start a cell phone repair business?

I need to start a cell phone repair business:

  • Start a cell phone repair course at a technical institute or mobile repair school.
  • Find a workstation to work in peace and that has plugs for various devices and a computer.
  • Acquire spare parts to replace damaged parts and organize them correctly.
  • Choose the name for your business and create a logo.
  • Register your business and once registered with the security that it will operate legally to advertise to attract customers.

How much to charge for cell phone repair?

You can charge for a cell phone repair $49 for a simple repair and $100 for a big problem.

How long does it take a Technician to fix a cell phone?

Technician to fix a cell phone varies between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the problem.

What can be repaired to a cell phone?

A cell phone can be repaired with a damaged screen, change the battery, ports, buttons, water damage, activation and unlocking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for cell phone repair?

A person can spend up to 8,000 pesos to repair their cell phone. The cost varies depending on the damage, the brand and the place where the repair is carried out. Therefore, specialists suggest taking into account the cost of spare parts and before buying a new equipment.

When the screen of a cell phone is broken, can it fix?

The safest way to ensure that the mobile is perfectly repair is to send it to the official technical service. These have repairmen who are professional in the brand of your device. And they will make sure to have it perfectly fixed.

What are the most common problems in a cell phone?

Failures with the audio and microphone system are one of the most common and can be very annoying. These problems can cause by multiple factors ranging from shock to humidity, either because your phone drowned or was left exposed to very cold climates.

What is the most damaged in a cell phone?

Bumps and falls

Although you probably already knew, bumps and falls do direct damage to smartphones. Get a case that will help you protect your phone from possible accidents.

How much does it cost to fix a cell phone screen in 2023?

Price of changing the screen of mid-range cell phones.

In this case, there are the most widely use and there are many varieties and options, but their price will be between $1,800 to $4,000 pesos.

How much does the screen change cost?

In general, the price to repair the broken screen is between $300 and $3,000 Mexican pesos.


Are you finding a reparacion de celulares cerca de mi? In this article we discuss best reparacion de celulares cerca de mi. You can easily search for them, and they solve your problem. When choosing a repair service, you must consider the factors discussed above. Hope so, you like this article.

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