Best Restaurantes Mexicanos And Foods

Best Restaurantes Mexicanos And Foods

Restaurantes mexicanos: Where can I find restaurantes mexicanos near my location? If you are in the United States and like to eat at Restaurantes Mexicanos, surely you want to know where you can taste the richest dishes of Mexican cuisine.

To discover where to try the best pozole, some delicious Chiles En Nogada or the most exquisite tacos, we invite you to continue reading because we will show you which restaurantes mexicanos are closest to you in the United States.

Restaurantes Mexicanos Cerca De Mí

How do I know if there are restaurantes mexicanos cerca de mí? If you want to go and eat Mexican food, let me tell you that you are in the right place. We have a list of the most valued Restaurantes Mexicanos with the best opinions in the US.

The 10 Best Restaurantes Mexicanos in the United States

The following restaurants are a selection of the 10 best restaurantes mexicanos in the USA We are convinced that some of them will be near your location.

1. Don Maguey Mexican Restaurant, Miami

Don Maguey Mexican Restaurant is the first destination for Mexican restaurants we recommend. This Mexican restaurant in Miami is characterized by a fresh, minimalist space ideal for couple and with a small group of friends. Also, before approaching, you can call to quote your order. It offers a variety of Mexican food, such as queso fundido, quesadillas, tacos al pastor, taco de lengua, and pozole.

2. Xochi, Houston

If you are originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, you will be delighted to know that in Houston, there is a restaurant specializing in the gastronomy of this Mexican state. Xochi is Oaxaca brought to the United States. On its menu, you will find some of the most consumed dishes in that state, such as enchiladas, memela, beef cheeks, beef barbecue, chicken enchiladas, and taquitos.

3. Las Palmas, Dallas

Las Palmas is another of the restaurantes mexicanos in Dallas that should have a place on your list. This is an ideal environment to eat on a romantic evening while both diners delight in Mexican dishes. The distinction of Las Palmas is that it offers the gastronomy of Mexico popular during the 20th century, so its space has many historical elements.

4. Don Julio Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar, Orlando

At Don Julio Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar, you will find the best option to close your tour of Orlando’s Mexican restaurants. This place has several branches in the United States and has stood out for making and serving Mexican gastronomy differently. Each dish is presented with an attractive aesthetic, and its flavors combine the best of American and Mexican food.

Its main dishes are carne asada tacos, melted cheese, street tacos, burritos, chicken chimichanga and molcajetes. In addition, it offers vegan options, outdoor seating, private parking, free Wi-Fi, a dance floor, and live music.

5. La Diosa Taqueria, Miami

In the United States, there are different of taco shops, but La Diosa Taquería is one of the Restaurantes Mexicanos that stands out for its good service and, above all, the variety and flavor of the tacos. The freshness of each ingredient used and the flavor of its tacos and quesadillas make La Diosa Taquería one of the best Mexican restaurants in Miami. In addition, it offers delivery service, a full bar and reservations.

6. Cute Michoacan, Las Vegas

To continue your tour of Mexican restaurants in Las Vegas, we recommend Lindo Michoacán. In this, you can try various popular Mexican food dishes while you accompany it with a typical drink or a cocktail; it also offers Happy Hour.

On the other hand, it has different services and amenities for diners, such as a vegetarian and vegan menu, live music, private parking, and catering.

7. El Tezcal Mexican Restaurant, Chicago

The Tezcal Mexican Restaurant is ideal if you want to taste good homemade Mexican food. Mole enchiladas, Aztec soup, flan, tacos, tampiquena and grilled burritos are some of the best options on their menu. In addition, this Restaurantes Mexicanos in Chicago offers catering, baby seats, a television, and a menu for vegans and vegetarians.

8. TJ Birria and More, Houston

TJ Birria y Más is the Mexican restaurant in Houston for you if you want to eat delicious tacos with birria or any filling. Their menu also incorporates other typical Mexican dishes, such as burritos, quesadillas, churros, and ham tortas. Among its main attractions, the place guarantees baby seats, access for people with reduced mobility, catering, private parking and waiter service.

9. My Moles Restaurant, Chicago

Chicago is a city in the USA characterized by its many restaurantes mexicanos cerca de mí. Hence, a good way to start your tour of the best Mexican restaurants in Chicago is at Mis Moles Restaurant. In this place, you will find the most famous Mexican food recipes presented aesthetically (and with good portions). Enchiladas, green mole, cochinita pibil and chocoflan are some dishes you can order for less than 20 dollars.

10. Taco Time and More, Miami

Where are Mexican restaurants near me in the USA to try tacos with various fillings? Definitely in Miami, and this is Taco Time and More. This is the most frequented place for the quality, presentation and flavor of each variation of tacos. Up to 3 people can eat from each tray of tacos, and of course, these must be accompanied by a few drinks that make your time happy.

These are the ten best Restaurantes Mexicanos in the United States.

Popular Mexican Foods

Restaurantes Mexicanos
Restaurantes Mexicanos

1. Chiles En Nogada

Let’s look at Chiles En Nogada, the most patriotic Mexican food, which uses the color of the Mexican flag. Chiles En Nogada is a green Poblano chili pepper stuffed with a mixture of meat and spices called Picadillo. On top of that, we put cream sauce based on white walnuts. In addition, it is a colorful dish that scatters the seeds of pomegranate and images the flag of Mexico. Try this delicious recipe at home.

2. Frijoles Charros

Beans are used in many typical Mexican dishes, but in “Frijoles Charros,” beans play a central role. This hot-bean stew is the best to eat after several hours of stewing, so it takes several hours to prepare. Although I thought it was just beans from the name, it also contains roasted tomatoes, garlic, bacon and chili pepper. This thick stewed dish condenses the spiciness and umami. This recipe is one of the easiest Mexican dishes to make at home.

3. Mexican Rice

Mexican Rice, also known as Spanish Rice, is a classic dish of Mexican cuisine, which is slowly boiled in a pot. The main ingredients are fresh tomatoes, onions, tomato paste and long-grain Rice stewed in chicken soup or vegetable soup. After that, put your favorite vegetables, such as peas, corn, carrots, peppers, etc. Add cumin and chili powder if you like, and add coriander and simmer for about 20 minutes. Add the jalapeño if you like, and it will be spicy. It can eat as a side dish of tacos or as it is. As we said, it will be a household staple and a great snack.

4. Quesadillas

It is a sandwich-like snack made by sandwiching ingredients between warm tortillas. It is popular not only in Mexico but also in Mexican restaurants around the world. In most Tex-Mex and Mexican restaurants, Quesadillas are on the menu. The ingredients can freely combine in the tortilla to customize it.

5. Huevos Rancheros (Ranch Eggs)

There are a lot of interesting points about Mexico, but the origin of “Huevos Rancheros” may be one of the fascinating legends of Mexico. This egg dish dates back to the 1600s and was once mainly enjoyed by farmers and farmers in rural areas. Therefore, it was considered a diet that was not favored by the wealthy. But now it’s completely changed.

6. Menude (Tripe Soup)

This Mexican dish uses tripe (cow’s stomach), so it may only be suitable for some. However, it is one of the most popular dishes in Mexico and Central America and an essential dish for those who want to taste authentic Mexican food.

The texture of the tripe is a little like rubber, so it doesn’t melt in your mouth like other meat-based soups and stews. However, I recommend menudo based on chili powder if you like spicy food.

7. Tamales

Tamales is popular as a Mexican street food wrapped in corn peel. If you’re visiting Mexico, stop by one of the local food stalls and try it. Unlike other Mexican dishes, Tamale is a ancient times of Mexico dish. Corn, one of Mexico’s oldest cultivated crops, is the main ingredient in tamales.

8. Chilli Con Carne (Chilli With Beef)

When the cold worsens, preparing chilies for dinner is a good idea. Chili con carne (chili with beef) is the perfect winter dish to warm up your body. Made with kidney beans, ground beef and diced tomatoes, the dish is surprisingly flavorful with the addition of onions, garlic and chili powder.

However, this can recommend if you are in a hurry. This is because this dish is completely cook for a few hours. The ingredients melt together over time so that you can enjoy a warm and fragrant taste in every bite.

9. Pozole (Hominy Soup)

Mexican food is a unique blend of Mesoamerican recipes and Spanish influences. Posolé, made from locally grown hominis (corn nuts), is a foamy soup with a slightly sweet taste. Posolé is often sweeten by adding rich and savory meats such as pork and beef.

It’s a simple dish, but it’s filling and satisfying. If you eat pozole, you can experience authentic Mesoamerican cuisine, so please try it when you go to Mexico.

10. Chicken Fajitas

Today, Fajitas are based on all kinds of proteins that can wrap in flour tortilla. In the 1930s, workers at Mexican ranches in western Texas ate these snacks as part of their payments. The ingredients of Fajiahe are often poor cuts of beef that are processed so that they can eat deliciously by farm workers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although you have already decided which Mexican restaurant you are going to visit, you may have some questions. We leave you with the most frequent questions that our users usually ask themselves.

How expensive is it to eat in a Mexican restaurant in the United States?

Eating at a Mexican food restaurant is quite affordable. Trying two or three dishes and ordering a drink can cost around $30 or $40.

Are all the dishes of the gastronomy of Mexico spicy?

Not all dishes of Mexican cuisine contain spicy. There are some dishes like quesadillas or enchiladas that are not spicy. Anyway, you can always ask the waiters not to put hot spices in your ordered dishes.

Can you order takeaway food from Mexican restaurants?

Yes, in most Mexican restaurants, you can order food to go. So when you don’t feel like going to the restaurant, you can order take away food.


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