Best Restaurantes Salvadoreños And Foods In The USA

Best Restaurantes Salvadoreños And Foods In The USA

Restaurantes Salvadoreños: If you are a lover of Salvadoran food like us, let me tell you that you are in the right place since we will show you how to locate the best restaurantes salvadoreños that you can find in the United States so that you can try and savor the exquisite Salvadoran seasonings with its best dishes and with enviable gastronomy, since they have dishes such as pupusa or the delicious Salvadoran tamales that you cannot miss.

The best restaurantes salvadoreños near me in the USA

Gastronomic presentation one of the specialties of this place is its roast beef and shrimp soup. On the other hand, the attention of the place will leave you pleased. In addition, the atmosphere of this restaurant is ideal for sharing lunch with your family and friends.

Metapan Restaurant

The kitchen in this restaurant is the King, so its dishes are loaded with traditional and balanced flavors to provide you with an excellent experience with Salvadoran gastronomy. The restaurant is frequently visited and stands out for its excellent customer service, always attentive and accommodating to customer requests.

San Salvador Restaurant

San Salvador Restaurant is one of the most recommended places in Las Vegas. Thanks to the cordiality of the employees, and the care they take to serve you, this site has become the favorite meeting point for many people. In addition, its exquisite and varied menu offers you different options to enjoy a good gastronomic experience.

Rinconcito Restaurantes Salvadoreños

Do you want to place an order and receive it at home? Rinconcito Salvadoreño Restaurant offers you online service so you can place your order from the comfort of your home. This site is recommended for its elaborate and exquisite traditional dishes.

On the other hand, the atmosphere of the place is unbeatable due to its tranquility, ideal for sharing a delicious soup or barbecue with the family. Its menu is diverse and offers you different options for any time of the day.

The Salvadorian

If you want to enjoy some exquisite Salvadoran pupusas accompanied by the traditional pickle, in this restaurant, you can taste a wide variety of typical dishes that will satisfy you. In addition, the attention from the staff makes you feel special and comfortable.

Salvadoran Restaurant Las Canastillas

To finish with the Salvadoran restaurants near me, I recommend you visit Las Canastillas, an excellent place where you can enjoy the calm and familiar atmosphere. Now, if you want to enjoy gastronomy from the comfort of your home, you can place an order online.

Restaurantes Salvadoreños foods to try

1 – Pupusas – Stuffed Tortillas / Flatbread

Pupusas are one of El Salvadoran’s most-loved foods. It’s great for breakfast or on-the-go snacks. Pupsuses are simple tortillas made from corn or rice flour and filled with different things that taste good. People like to use cheese, fried beans, pig skin, and iroko, which are wild flowers. People also often use chicken and shrimp.

2 – Yuca Frita – Deep-Fried Cassava / Yuca Fries

Yuca Frita is a healthy and tasty dish made of thick slices of cassava that have been deep-fried. It is a popular street food that tastes best with Curtido. It is made by letting onions, carrots, and cabbage sit out for a while, adding red pepper and garlic, and making it hot. At El Salvador stands, you can buy Yuka Frita.

3 – Empanadas de Leche o Frijol – Plantain Pastry

These are one of El Salvador’s sweetest treats. Fried plantains are a healthy dish you can buy at bakeries and food stands. This dish is a popular breakfast food in El Salvador. The plantain that goes into the Empanada de leche of Frijor is cooked until soft. A sweet and tasty empanada is made by coating it with sugar at the end. It is a popular dessert all over El Salvador because it is smooth and sweet.

4 – Tamales – Salvadoran Tamales / Plantain Leaves Wrap

Tamales are healthy foods that are made from many different things. Tamales de Chipillin and Tamales de Polo are two of the many kinds of tamales. This Salvadoran dish is made by mixing seasonings with the main ingredients, like fried beans and chicken, and then wrapping them in a case made of plantain leaves. The food is cooked by steaming the tamales as a whole, and the umami flavor comes out. The tamale that was steamed is let to cool and is served with tomato salsa. It is a dish from El Salvador that makes you feel good inside and out.

5 – Quesadilla – Cheese Cake

In Salvador, Quesadilla is a rich cheese dessert, not a snack like it is in Mexico. This unique Salvadoran dish is made with queso fresco cheese, milk, eggs, butter, and flour. The cheese gives it a savory, rich taste. It’s a great place to have breakfast with coffee or hot chocolate in the morning because it has sesame seeds on top and a slightly salty taste.

6 – Panes con Pavo/Pollo – Sandwiches with Turkey or Chicken

Salvador’s traditional panes are turkey, and chicken sandwiches often made for Christmas. It is also made and eaten at parties and events like weddings and birthdays. Spices, garlic, and local seeds are mixed with panes like those from Salvador before they are roasted. Last but not least, I’ll have it with an egg. It’s cut in half and served in a way that looks like a submarine.

7 – Horchata – Sweet Rice and Seed Beverage

Horchata is a healthy drink made from moro, which is a healthy type of lentigo from El Salvador. It is a drink from Salvador that has a rich, refreshing taste and a deep, spicy flavor. This has moro, rice, sesame, vanilla, and nutmeg in it. It is said that people have been drinking it in El Salvador since around the 13th century. Now, people in all of Japan enjoy its rich and refreshing taste.

8. Elote Loco – “Crazy” Corn

In Salvador, Elote loco is a very popular snack. If you know what’s in this dish’s sauce, you’ll understand why you should eat it. This snack is cheap and fun; you can find it at festivals, parades, and food markets. It takes corn on the cob to a whole new level.

9 – Fried Fish

Since the coast of El Salvador faces the Pacific Ocean, fishermen there can get the freshest and most tender seafood in the Americas. There are a lot of bold and complicated ways to cook seafood, but one of the most popular snacks in Salvador is fried Fish. Almost every restaurant in Salvador has fried Fish on the menu. The Fish caught that day are washed, seasoned well, and baked in hot oil until crispy. People often eat it with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, and lemon salad, along with fruit juice or a cold beer.

10 – Carne Asada – Grilled Meat

“Carne asada,” El Salvador’s most famous meat dish, is more of a way to cook meat on a grill than a dish in and of itself. In Latin America and the Caribbean, grilling meat over an open fire is popular and the center of many social events.

11 – Tres Leches – Three-Milk Cake

Restaurantes Salvadoreños
Restaurantes Salvadoreños

Tres Leches is a soft cake popular in El Salvador and other places in Central and South America. It got its name from a recipe for three kinds of milk. It tastes rich, like cheesecake, but it’s not too sweet. The texture of Torres Rechés is rich and spongy. To finish, you can add sweets like grated chocolate, cinnamon, whipped cream, etc.

12 – Enchiladas – Fried Tortillas with Toppings

In Salvador, enchiladas are small, fried tortillas, which is different from the way enchiladas are usually made in Mexico. Akiote, a seed from Anatou, goes on top of the tortilla, and different things can go on top of it. Most Salvadoran enchiladas are made with hard-boiled eggs, cabbage, tomatoes, beans, ground beef, and different sauces. Enchiladas are usually only eaten by hand because they are served with Parmesan cheese and a thick sauce.

13 – Torrejas – French Sweet Toast

It is a traditional dish from Salvador and is  enjoy during Semana Santa (Holy Week). It’s like French toast, but people in Salvador make this sweet and rich dessert in a slightly different way.

14 – Atol de Elote – Corn Beverage

People in El Salvador like to drink it. So much so that a song called “Moviendo el atol de elote” is named after the dish. Mayan food is where the Atol De Elote came from. Fresh corn is mix with sugar, water, and salt, and then a small amount of cinnamon is sprinkled on top. It is a local drink that takes a few hours to make, from peeling the fruit to simmering it until it is not too soft.

How to search for restaurantes salvadoreños near my location?

No matter what state you reside in, I can guarantee that you have a Salvadoran restaurant near your location. So, it’s time for you to locate your next meeting place! For this, we will provide you with the best search engines.

Restaurantes Salvadoreños via Google Maps

Google Maps is the chosen application par excellence. First, it is our mobile phone’s first default option. After that, thanks to your updates, we can find Salvadoran restaurants near me efficiently and quickly.

The innovative functions of this application allow you to search for restaurants near your location, providing you with information such as schedules, testimonials, images, social networks and routes to reach your destination faster.

Open Table

Open Table is not only an effective locator. Also, it allows you to make reservations through its website or mobile application. On the other hand, when you want a little glimpse of where you are going, this site provides you with photos, opinions, and the restaurant’s menu.

Michelin guide

Michelin Guide is a great option if you want to have different attractive features in one app. Since in addition to being able to locate the restaurant of your choice, it also gives you the option of making a reservation.

In addition, the same application offers you relevant information about the restaurants, such as the services and images of their facilities.


You also have Yelp as another option since you will find restaurants as well as bars and businesses. In the search engine, you can filter by price, opening hours, promotions and the characteristics of the restaurant.

EI Tenedor

El Tenedor is another application for you to take into account and filter by prices and other options, and you will also see the evaluation of other users and find restaurant offers.


You cannot leave tripadvisor aside as popular when it comes to travel guides where you will find restaurants, just filter to find the one closest to you in the search engine, and you will see its file with comments, photos and information.


It is another alternative with a search engine that allows you to filter according to what you are looking for, and it will show you the map with the location of the restaurants near you, the type of food and the service offered.

Frequently asked questions

Below we resolve some common questions about restaurantes salvadoreños.

Do the restaurants serve food at home?

Since the COVID pandemic, many have implemented home delivery, although not all maintain it. You will have to call to check.

Do you use products imported from El Salvador?

Most of the products can find in the United States, but it is true that some restaurants prefer to bring them from the country itself. If you want more details, you should ask at each establishment.

What are the prices?

Each one sets its menu prices, but to give you an idea, the pupusas cost around $3, the tacos around $9-10, and the beef soup around $15. Each store has its prices on its website so you can consult it.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, you can find dishes suitable for vegans and vegetarians in all Salvadoran restaurants.

Are there gluten-free dishes for celiacs?

To confirm the absence of cross contamination and the possibility of serving dishes suitable for coeliacs, it is preferable that you contact the restaurant to specify the details.

Is it necessary to make a reservation in Restaurantes Salvadoreños?

It is not necessary to make a reservation to eat at these restaurants, but we recommend that you call before going to confirm that you will find a free table. There are many more restaurants scatter throughout the United States, but there is not enough space to list them all here.

Conclusion: Restaurantes Salvadoreños

If you still need to keep looking, remember that a little above, we have given you some tips to find exactly the restaurantes salvadoreños near you with the hours and menu that best suit you.

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