Why Is Shein So Cheap? A Comprehensive Guide For Buyers

Why Is Shein So Cheap? A Comprehensive Guide For Buyers

Why is shein so cheap? Shein saves money and makes clothing prices so cheap because it outsources labor to countries with lower wages. Additionally, Shein sells products directly to customers and does not have physical stores, so operating costs can be kept low.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Shein to answer these questions. We will also touch on why their clothes are popular among young people. If you’re curious about whether Shein is worth the money, read on!

What is Shein? And Why is Shein so cheap?

Shein (pronounced SHE-in) is a Chinese fast fashion retailer that sells women’s and men’s clothing online only. It uses social media and influencers to sell a huge inventory of cheap clothing. It was founded in 2008. Originally, the company was called ZZKKO and started as a wedding dress retailer, purchasing all items from the Chinese wholesale clothing market in Guangzhou.

Where is Shein located and where do the products come from?

The company is located in China and has a base there, but it does not have a chain of physical stores to manage orders. Shein, which started as an online shop, does not have permanent stores and only occasionally opens pop-up shops worldwide. Initially, all products on the site were shipped directly from China. Currently, Shein ships its clothes from several wholesale warehouses around the world. Shein is a Chinese company headquartered in Singapore, but its products are delivered from various locations worldwide.

11 Reasons why Shein is so cheap:

There are many reasons why this fast fashion retailer offers affordable clothes. Shein strives to keep prices low and maintain high quality. Let’s take a closer look at why is Shein so cheap:

1. Business model:

The main reason why is Shein so cheap is its business model. It operates solely as an online store, eliminating the need for physical offices and saving money on rent and electricity bills.

2. Direct sales to customers:

Shein sells directly to consumers without involving retailers like Zara or H&M. This eliminates the need to pay retailer fees and allows Shein to maximize profits.

3. Direct purchasing from manufacturers:

Shein purchases directly from Chinese factories instead of buying items from wholesalers. This cuts down on additional costs and enables Shein to sell its products at lower prices than other retail stores.

4. Efficient shipping methods:

Shein mainly sells through its website and uses direct shipping methods. Without physical stores, they can reduce overhead costs. By selling online and using direct mail, the overall business costs are minimized.

5. Small staff:

Shein is run by a small staff, which helps reduce costs compared to larger retailers like Zara and H&M.

6. Reduced transportation costs:

Shein is located near a port, allowing for quick and cost-effective shipping of goods since most of its clothes are manufactured near the port.

7. Emphasis on social media marketing:

Shein relies heavily on social media marketing, avoiding expensive traditional advertising like TV commercials. By effectively using hashtags and Facebook ads, they can drive traffic to their website and reach customers without spending excessive money.

8. Free shipping for orders over $50:

Shein offers free shipping for orders over $50, which is a significant attraction for online shoppers. This encourages customers to reach the minimum threshold and enjoy the benefit of free shipping.

9. Multiple saving options:

Shein frequently offers sales, discounts, and promo codes, allowing customers to purchase their desired items at lower prices. They also provide various savings options throughout the week to offer additional discounts.

10. Generous return policy:

Shein offers free returns within 30 days of purchase, ensuring customer satisfaction. This policy allows customers to easily return items and receive a full refund if they are not satisfied with their purchase.

11. Low-cost marketing strategy:

Shein keeps its marketing costs low by not spending a significant amount on advertising.

They can attract attention without relying on celebrity endorsements or flashy advertising campaigns. Instead of paying big bucks to promote their products, they use low-cost word-of-mouth and social media marketing to attract new customers! Now you understand why shein is so cheap.

Why is Shein so famous?

Shein is popular because they sell trendy clothes at a low price.

Shein can easily keep up with the fast pace of fashion trends preferred by Gen Z and Millennials flaunt. Shein uses its contact with many suppliers to instantly understand which styles are trending and which are not. With its wide network and rapid response, it is able to create a new style every day and maintain the cutting edge of consumers. And the important thing is to make it all happen without charging a premium price.

Shein also has a great presence on social media, using popular influencers to promote their products, create exclusive collections with celebrities, and is always sensitive to social media trends that Gen Z loves.

Shein also offers discounts and promo codes at all times, further increasing its popularity as it motivates consumers to visit again and again.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying Shein clothes online

Why is Shein so cheap? Shopping from China is a great way to get designer clothes for a fraction of the retail price. However, as with overseas purchases, checking it thoroughly before purchasing is important. Before buying clothes at a Chinese fast fashion brand Shein, here are some pros and cons.


  • Ideal for those who don’t have a budget. All the styles you need. Basic, Workwear, Formal, Modern Trendy Style and more. If you need something specific, SHEIN is likely to have inventory at a very affordable price!
  • There are many reviews for most products. I love the fact that there is a large community of people who share their honest experiences and take photos for reference.
  • It also saves time. You don’t have to go to brick-and-mortar stores, look for shelves of clothes, or wait at the cash register. All online and direct to the front door of your home.
  • Not only women’s fashion but also a variety of products! There are also clothes for men, kids and size. There are also home goods and beauty goods.
  • SHEIN also collaborates with indie fashion designers to support up-and-coming designers and allow us to purchase their unique designs at affordable prices.
  • Customer service is also substantial. The customer service is efficient and friendly. They will answer your questions quickly.


  • Do not expect clothing of extremely high quality. The price usually indicates the quality of the piece. The fabric or construction may feel thin. Always check your reviews to see what you’ve got! SHEIN deals with certain high-quality clothing lines like MOTF.
  • Shein is a fast fashion. They are always following the trend and producing a large amount of new clothes. If you’re buying, be aware of what you’re buying, and resist the urge to buy impulsively!
  • It certainly has a lot of benefits. It is ideal for those with a budget and looking for a new fashion style.
  • However, it’s worth knowing why Shein is so cheap.

Is Shein good quality?

The quality of Shein is good for the price, but generally, it is not a high-quality work. It is better not to expect clothing from Shein to be super durable or professionally made. If you’re looking for clothes that last longer, it’s better to choose more expensive items made with the right materials from a reputable brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Why is Shein jewellery so cheap?

This means that they are not using expensive materials or are not being produced in such a way as to make them cheaper. If you want to buy cheap jewellery, you need to be prepared not to last long, especially assuming that you wear it every day. The best way to make Shein jewellery last as long as possible is to care for it properly.

Should I buy clothes at Shein?

Shein is great for saving money, but its quality and ethics are controversial. Shopping at Shein is also a personal choice, and the amount of clothing they produce is not sustainable or environmentally friendly.

Is Shein safe and reliable?

The bottom of the Shein and all the very best deals are real! SHEIN is a safe and reliable online shop.

Do I need to wash before I wear it?

Yes, wash your new Shein clothes before you wear them. New clothes are also buy.

Azo-aniline dyes use in fabrics made from synthetic fibers such as polyester. This can cause serious skin reactions for people with allergies. Washing can remove excess dyes on the skin and other clothing.


As you can see, there are several reasons why is Shein so cheap. They practice fast fashion, use cheap labor, and carry out many sales and discounts, so the price is cheap. However, their clothes are usually of good quality and can return at any time if you are not satisfied with the item you buy. So if you’re looking for affordable clothes, Shein is a great choice!

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